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  1. so ive been chillin with this girl for a couple weeks now. ive known the whole time that shes had a boyfriend but since the beginning shes been tellin me how hes bein a douche and how they always argue and stuff. i never really expected her to leave her guy for me but weve been vibin and its pretty obvious that we like eachother.

    today she tells me that shes an awful person for leading me on, and that she wants us to be friends and ultimately not fuck shit up with her current relationship. as much as it hurts i understand that shit, but then i ask her why she cant leave him if she likes me, and she tells me shes fucking everything up between us because she cant because he'll kill himself. im pretty sure its not an excuse and she knows that both of us suffer from severe depression, but i just dont get how she can trap herself like that.

    idk blades im just bummin and rantin, in a shitty situation. anyone got any choice words that might bring me some subliminal insight? off to burn a what-could-have-been blunt.
  2. Tell somebody about their situation. Suicide isn't something you joke around about. If he would kill himself over her he would probably kill himself over something else too. Put your own feelings aside for a while and get them the help they both need, because she probably has some issues too.
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  4. I've had a similar scenario happen. I was in a quasi-relationship with this one girl in my freshman year of college. She looked stable on the outside but as I started to dig deeper, I found she had some deeper issues. Apparently she really liked me and started envisioning this vast future of us together. She said I was her savior and that I lit up the darkness for her. This threw me for a loop. She was bipolar and she constantly fluctuated between mania and depression every few days. These rapid mood shifts put a strain on our relationship and I was starting to grow weary. She wanted me to say I loved her but I simply didn't feel that way. I suggested she take lithium or some type of medication but she spazzed out on me. Enough was enough. I thought to myself, there's too many bitches to fuck, too many girls that want the dick. Being the immature and dickheaded freshman I was, I decided to break it off in a very callous way.

    Later that week, her roommates said she had attempted suicide because she just couldn't handle the loneliness. Luckily, she didn't die because I would have had that on my conscience. It was only late October and it was apparently her second one since she entered school. She did eventually get help but these things never truly correct themselves.

    What I'm pretty much trying to say is that suicidal people are always tough to deal with. I can't really give any joyous insight, because its such a dark topic. If the guy does kill himself, that will suck but like all suicides the person starts to fade away from memory. The guy may be talking out of his ass but sometimes you don't really know until it happens.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, excaliburr.
  5. ive thought about that, but the only person i can really think of telling that would take it seriously at all is her mom (who hates him) and ive never even talked to her. and then she would have every right to hate me. idk...

    yeah its a pretty unfortunate situation :/ my girl sounds kinda like that- bad history, screwy family, attempted suicides- id believe it if she had some serious issues. just cant get over her. i sincerely appreciate your post though man

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