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  1. Alright, so I just started up my senior year at my high school and theres this new chick at my school, shes a grade younger, but shes really hot and seems cool as hell. I haven't had a steady girlfriend in awhile and I wanna try to get with her and maybe date her. Problem is, she does not like smoking at all, and thats not good considering I smoke almost on a daily basis. She asked me online if i smoked and I never responded, because I dont know what to say. When I see her at school tomorrow, chances are shes gonna wanna know if I smoke. I want to tell her the truth but I really don't think she'd be all in to me if she knew I was a major toker. Any advice on what I should tell her, and maybe how I can get with her?
    Thanks blades
  2. Just lie to her dude. Its not that hard.

    But on the real though, if you lie to her, then youre gonna get fucked in the end. Might as well just not answer the question. Just dance around it, or ignore it. :p

    I wouldnt listen to my advice though.
  3. tell her you have done it before, and go from there

    its not good to lie but at the sametime you cant just shock her and tell her you smoke everyday.

    if you have a buncha of stoner friends andwhat not word will prolly get around to her that you do smoke a lot though

    i dono mad good luck

    dont stress to much about it, high school is high school, shit gets way better just wait a year,plenty of girls that will toke with ya and date ya hahah
  4. yo dont rush gettin with her [unless she's a whore and she wants you real bad]

    tell her that you smoke but dont go into how much you smoke be kinda thruthful [she'll dig that]

    and if she tries to dump you for bein a pothead be all like WELL FINE IDC IF YOU CANT ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM I GUESS WE JUST WERENT MEANT TO BE or some other crap like that :D
  5. if she isnt down for the cause then you go - "NEXT!" if that chick aint down, "NEXT!"

    i was dating a girl back when i used to sell, (i think its ok to say that cause i dont do it anymore? just delete this mods if its not apropriate), but she was one of the most down ass chicks i ever knew, id scoop her up and wed smoke blunts and hit licks, then swing back to her crib to kick it and smoke some more...... too bad shes a skank and fucked some other dude, then denied it, but anyways imb blazed so im kinda draggin on.....

    bottom line: if she aint down for the cause then move to the next one. dont hide who u are, if she asks if you smoke say hell ya i smoke that green, you ever tried it? if shes a bitch then move on.
  6. if you get with that chick now, two months from now you will be back on here with a thread called "my girlfriend wants me to stop smoking"
  7. if she wasn't totally hot and cool, (other than the smoking thing), then i wouldnt even try to get with her.

    i still havent decided what to tell her yet, until then ill just ignore her texts haha.

    but regardless, thanks for the advice
  8. Tell her you have smoked before, and will probably do it again but it's not an everday habit. Say if you're at a party and someone offers it to you then you'll take them up on the offer, but you dont buy your own or smoke on the daily. And from there try talking to her about why she doesn't and maybe smoke her up??
  9. my very first girlfriend after i started smoking on a daily basis was at first a little iffy about it, but i explained some stuff to her, and let her know where i was comin from, and we lasted 2 months after that...hahaha, thing is, alot of girls arent for the pothead guys

    problem is, its high school, girls start drama in high school, they think relationships are serious...i mean, i have been with the same girl since junior year now (16 or so), and i dont think we have ever had a real fight, but she never once would have said no to me because of weed, because thats who i was, it at that point was a part of me...but then again, she smoked too..

    i say have a long chat with her, explain your choice of the high lifestyle to her, and let her know that your the only one whose gonna make the choice of whats wrong or right in your life, and tell her to accept you for who you are, or dont accept you at all...tell her how you feel about her, but that you will stand your ground to smoke...its as simple as that...if she walks, good riddance, if she stays, have fun..

    i miss the sex sex sex sex lifestyle of highschool...those were great, albeit foggy, times...
  10. If you want to be in a relationship with her, then don't lie to her because she's eventually gonna find out. And if she has problems with you smoking, then you're going to have to choose between weed and her.
  11. Fuck serious relationships, man. Love only hurts you in the end.

    Expecialy at that age, dont try to fall in love or get into anything that serious. Shit will come right back on you and you'll feel like hoppin a bridge.
  12. just throw some knowledge at her about the happy tree plant then let her know that because it's not harmful really and has great social, emotional, philosophical, sexual, spiritual, and sensual effects that it's something you do regularly.

    If she isn't cool with it though then maybe she isn't for you. The girl I'm with now used to smoke, doesn't anymore but we're still tight and have a great relationship.
  13. fuck that shit yo, just wait for a chick that wants to smoke more often than you do hahahahaha.
  14. well if you want a "steady" girlfriend, ur a moron if you lie to her about smoking, it'll make ur life a living hell and then she'll find out about u smokin behind her back n dump ur ass, n if she dont it'll just cause mad problems

    find a girl with ur interests, not jus a hot one

    edit: and trying to explain that weed isnt bad for you being a pothead telling someone who isnt, is just gonna make you look like a drug addict, cuz a cokehead will tell you that coke is great for "social" occasions, same as someone with a drinking problem

    jus the fact that you smoke daily is gonna make u seem addict like, whereas if you smoked like on the weekend or somethin alot more girls would accept it
  15. I think high-schoolers should just forgo relationships in school altogether. They rarely last past school and they're just distractions to your learning. :confused_2: Worry about your grades now and worry about girls later.
  16. I would not straight up lie and say no, but if I was in this situation I would handle like this...

    One thing that people learn is what they hear, idk maybe misdirrection when the ears hear, eyes see and the mind believes due to all the news, propaganda and that is what you learn and people will hear these things related the same as the harder drugs and see horrible things that other drugs can cause and propaganda about weed.


    Instead of saying you smoke daily, which will come out to a shock to her cause most people don't know, ignorant and I think will be too much for her to comprehend at first.

    I would say I tried it like somebody listed above and of course she will ask if you use now, and I would say off and on and see how it goes and try to explain some history about it and one thing I allways say is, if it is soooo bad like so many people like to keep, what about the hundreds of cannabis clubs all over the place and the fact that people can carry it, use it, grow it legally according to some states, now how bad can it really be now.

  17. well today i told her i smoke almost on a daily basis, turns out she doesnt care much at all and i promised her i wouldnt smoke around her until shes ready.

    sooo, were sort of together now haha. i just hope she tokes soon!

  18. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  19. For me, As long as she doesn't try and make me not smoke weed, I wouldn't try to make her smoke weed.

  20. This was really funny to me :hello:

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