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  1. This is for anyone who has girl advice or any incites to party etiquette or any other good advice you feel is worth mentioning.

    Like last week, i was at this house party in PA with my brother in law. i had been blazing all nite like a mofo. i must have smoked more than i ever had in my life and was insanely high. Next to me, my brother in law is mackin with this cute chick. im about to walk away when all of a sudden this chicks friend walks up to me and starts flirting. we hit it off, and are about to start making out when i realize, oh shit, i have cotton mouth like a mofo!!! So i did the only thing i could think of in that state of mind. i grabbed this chicks hand, ran to the kitchen and downed an entire poland spring bottle in like 3 seconds. It did the trick, and surprisingly the chick was still around, even after that. needless to say, the rest of the night kicked ass.

    Moral of the story: if you are blazing and are planning to hook up, keep a drink of water readily available.
  2. I like to keep a drink of beer around when that is happening. haha
  3. Haha, great thing to do mate! +Rep for the hit ;-)
  4. She was probably drunk and didn't care at all about your cotton mouth.

    My tip : always keep a condom close. Sucks when you're about to get down and you can't find no rubber :(
  5. yea id use a beer for cotton mouth. for some reason i just cant lay the mack game down when im high...probably something to do with my paranoia
  6. Good advice. Also, such an awsome pic in your sig.
  7. your brother-in-law being your sister's husband? you're sitting there while he's hitting on another chick?
  8. lol not really my brother in law, more like my brothers brother in law (my brother and his sister are married) but it just gets too complicated to say it every time. and i wasnt really sitting there while he was hitting on her, it was more like me and him were talking and this girl just began to approach him and flirt, so not like i was being a prick.
  9. haha, good call
  10. Ha yeh man, Genki San, best entrances in the history of MMA. He had a good message too, if only he was still fighting...:(
  11. i have invented a cure for this!! i call it .......... gum
  12. yeh, i actually didnt kno about this till my friend told me about it a week ago. it actually works too! ppl should make this more known

    " Dry mouth? Wet it up with new Orbit! "


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