Girl looking for frents in Pennsylvania.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by paxinfinitum, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. i'm not new to this, but i'm new to grass city.
    looking to expand my circle of frents because i hardly have any, and that's depressing.
    eastern/central pennsylvania.
    :) i'm really fun, i promise. toke with me?
  2. You do know you spelled "friends" wrong, correct?
  3. What the fuck is a frent? Do I want one?
  4. It's a friend who smokes

    Like an ent, but frient

  5. Well fuck.

    I am a girl looking for frents.
  6. I just pulled that outta my ass, Idk what the fuck a frient is but it sounds good :smoking:

  7. Where the fuck did this come from....?
    What's wrong with smoke buddy? :confused:

  8. It's frent with no I, man. :rolleyes:

    Idk but this "girl" is looking for some.
  9. I'm from Williamsport. :)
  10. I'll spell it however the fuck I want I made it up

  11. Are you going to meet up with her and help her find frents?

  12. I can probably help her find frents.

    I, myself, prefer to chill with my boyfriend... and, well, girls scare me.
  13. If you want a frent with a frenis I could use a flow fob.
  14. ahahaha frents

    that's making me laugh way too much

  15. Well go help the girl out then. And get me one too.
  16. Well come to ny and I will

    I'm pretty awesome but I can't work my magic from across the country

  17. I am disappoint. I was looking forward to have a frent to cuddle with.
  18. Frient is from reddit Jesus Christ guys...
  19. Na I'm pretty sure that's an HBGBUB original

  20. Sorry I don't keep up with the kid's new slang.

    It's either friend or ent buddy.

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