Girl likes me but I dont like her back

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    So I work in a shopping centre - my job is to stand all day long and sell our company's product to passers by. 
    Well last week this random girl came up enquiring about the product and talked to me for a bit. She had a nice face but she was wearing that many clothes I couldn't really see her body. She told me she had to go to work (in the centre). So I just said that's cool see you later.
    Then about 30 minutes later this GORGEOUS girl with an amazing body and eyes came up out of nowhere and smiled at me and said Hey. I smiled back and greeted her. She then proceeded to tell me that she works with the girl I just spoke to and that that girl was really into me. She told me to come and speak to her on my break. I said maybe. She then walked away back to work.
    My break came, I walked passed her shop and didn't even look inside and got my food and vaped some bud in my car. ;)
    I got back to work and the gorgeous girl came up to me again. She said her friend wanted to know if I was single and I stupidly replied "yeah". She told me her friend finished at 6.30 and that I should wait for her once I've finished. 
    Anyway,.. I don't know why but I waited for her when she finished. And by this time it was dark so while i walked her to her bus stop I could only see her face.
    Well the next day at work she was texting me all day and it was getting on my nerves. She likes all my facebook photo's and statuses and it's kind of annoying. She came and bothered me while I was trying to hit my personal sales target for that day too. I also realized how big she was because she was wearing less clothes. I hate when girls trick you like that. All her facebook photos make her look average but she's huge. Can't believe i never realized before.
    I agreed to go on a date with her 2 days ago and we went to the movies. I only agreed to this because I was getting more weed in that area at that time anyway and had been at the gym that night too. But when we got to the movies, she said she took an expensive taxi ride just to get there on time. 
    She was trying to get me to buy her movie ticket and food. I said no i'm broke I'm only paying for myself. Then all throughout the movie she kept touching my face and puting her head on my shoulder. I kept pushing her off. And she kept laughing.
    When the movie finished she tried to get me to drive her home too but I refused as it would add another 40 minutes to my 1hr journey. And I had shit to do that night!!
    Where do I take it from here if I don't want to keep seeing her? I don't text her as much now and ignore her facebook messages. I don't mean to sound like the dick here but I have no experience on how to make a girl not like me.

  2. Stick it in her butt
  3. Just fucking tell her you're not into her like that. It's not that hard
  4. I've done the exact same thing. Just tell her y'all arnt clicking. It's easy bro. Not even thread worthy.
  5. Call her and tell her you found someone else your intrested in or your not intrested after much debate

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  6. That was a very bad way they went about it, sending the other girl to talk to you. You don't have to make the one that's interested not like you, just tell her that it's not going to work out.  A good way to put it is to tell her that there's no chemistry happening.      
  7. you're pretty much leading her on at this point, but she does sound pretty clingy.  just tell her you're sorry but you will not be interested in her in that way and want to be with somebody else.
  8. Tell her it's not going to work out because you have to focus on your sales goals.

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  9. Date her its so obvious u wqnt her

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  10. Tell her the truth. It's easier than lying about anything.
  11. Tell her you don't fux wid big bitches.

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  12. She might think you're playing hard to get hahaha

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  13. I wish I had girls that liked me.
    Anyway, bang her. Then quit your job and move far far away.
  14. how the fuck did u not know she was huge?
  15. and how can she have a nice face and be huge? U can tell if someone is fat by looking at their face....
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    She kept touching your face? Wtf. Redirect her hands down your pants...... and you could have got a blowjob driving her home. Fat girls try harder.
  17. Lol this thread.
    Honestly man if you aren't into it, you just have to say so, leading her on isn't doing her any favors.
  18. Should have stuck your dick in the popcorn
  19. That fucking made my day brother
  20.  LMAO damn man, you kinda sound like a dick to her, quit leadin her on if you dont like her.....tell her, "Your seeing somebody else, and you dont wanna fuck it up..." pretty easy. IMO it sounds like your leadin her on....why take her to the movies?
    And that facebook comment u made about her liking all your shit..........Id prolly block her cuz other girls will be like "O, hes hittin that lol"

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