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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxJWxX, May 25, 2003.

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  1. Maybe she wouldnt appreciate me putting a pic up on the internet for thousands to view but fuck it...

    This is sky, she\'s 27, met her at a pool bar, took her home last night, DEFINITELY KNOWS how to give a blowjob. She apparently thinks im 21. Great body and ok face. I didnt like how one tooth was bigger then the other so that\'ll take a few points from the table away.

    On a looks scale from 1-10 i\'d give her a 6.5....Have high standards :)

    Extra Comments: Nice chemistry in bed, likes to make noise, talks too much.
  2. well i dont care for the face too much but id definatly hit it

    i will give her a 7 :)

  3. she looks like an odd shaped midget.......or maybe a midget porno
  4. i think she is cute.... looks like she is short and a little hippy.... she looks like a bitch too.....
  5. she looks like a freakin\' midget! wahahahaha.. give her a 5.... I\'d put a paper bag over her face and call her jen blowin\' in the wind....
  6. yea the more i look at her the more im not impressed..that face kinda freaks me out..and she is kinda short aint she..

    and yes she does look like shed be a bitch :)
  7. If thats really a girl you met at a bar...banged....then posted on the internet then this is the funniest thread I\'ve ever seen. Period.

    and just for the record...
  8. no come on really, how much?
  9. lol yeah she does look short but thats because i resized the height and left the width, actually she\'s around 5\'10, still pretty short but yeah she was alright.
  10. dude.. 5\'10?

    she looks about 4\'11 if you ask me.

    and for the record 5\'10 on a chick is kinda tall
  11. 5\'10 you say? *sparks the bowl of his glass sherlock*

    Some very simple detective work would reveal that for that chick to be 5\'10 that pool cue would have to be about 70 inches long...

    Any pool shark will tell you that the average pool cue is 57 inches...

    I\'d say that chick is 5 feet tall at the most...

    But hey, what\'s it matter? There ain\'t nothin\' wrong with short girls...its the +6ft \"MAN-ginas\" (pronounced \"jyna\" like vagina) that ya gotta watch out for...
  12. Damnit BeRzErKaS, I wanted to be the fucking detective!
    I was going to say the pool cue would be about 70 inches... damnit. you beat me to the punch... I\'m going to go calm down with a nice bowl of Northern Lights. fuck man.
  13. Well fuck....i\'m 6\'2 and she was up to my nose so i\'d say she was 5\'8 or 5\'10....

    And hey, at least im getting pussy ya know? Everyday of the week......pussy pussy pussy...Its not as special as it once was but its still the shit and im gettin it more than anyone on this fucking site and sorry if i sound stuck up but i\'ve had 10 beers tonight and I did get laid once again and yeah.....
  14. Well I hope that makes you feel good about yourself, Mr. Alcoholic. :D
  15. well i still cant believe shes much over 5 either he:

    a) found that pic somewhere and made up that story, or

    b) really did bang her and its just the pic that makes her look shorter..

    but dont matter to me, im not jealous one bit.. i get laid plenty and my last one was way hotter than that anyway :)

  16. over compensating for something?
  17. sounds like he just realised he screwed a midget

  18. 5\'10\"?? my girlfriend is 6\'2\", and being the only one of had, doesnt seem very tall (ya know, not short, just average)

    P.S. I\'m 6\'5\"
  19. She\'d look pretty nice if the height of the picture was stretched a bit but yeah she\'s definitely bangable.

    Pay no attention the others who criticize, they\'re jealous and need to take a look at themselve. Asian women are great and one of my favorite breeds, I prefer spanish from my experiences but they\'re still way up there.

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