Girl is turning yellowing on lowest growth, getting spots as well

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  1. The yellowing I had somewhat noticed but seems really bad now on the lowest leaves, the bottom of the leaves also have spots, seems like the growth is stripping off somewhat, pictures provided. If you need to know anything else just comment and I'll get back as soon as possible, I just have to be at work as well

    The rest of her looks fine, I did a transplant yesterday and she was completely root bound so maybe I just didn't transplant her in time and there is nothing I can do :(

    The rest of her leaves are dark green and only a little droopage from a transplant yesterday

    You can see in the picture with the whole plant that the bottom most leaf is the one yellowing

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  2. Give the transplant some time, you may have solved the issue before it got too out of hand.
  3. Thank you for the reply, I'm gonna give her a little time before transplanting again, just went with what I could find. Idk if I should start nutes yet
  4. Its about time to feed just go easy with it.
  5. I will, I plan on going about half strength first with big boom and grow big. Is it ok to use with happy frog? I know it's a Fox farm product but the schedule says use ocean forest, and I don't have access to it at the moment
  6. Those are good selections... I also incorporate unsulfered molasses.
  7. Ill take that into consideration as well :D
    Thanks for the tip
  8. Bad news, I just got home and some newer growth is getting spots on it, I moved it farther away from the light and I don't know if I need to go ahead and transplant again or not. I'm more than certain I overwatered her after the transplant too so it may be another day before I can give her nutes. I'm really starting to worry. I knew I'd run into problems with this being my first time but I really want to keep her alive :(

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  9. I also saw a little bug on her today which I killed, haven't seen any others so far. I'm just really worried she won't make it
  10. I really hope these newer leaves were just from being too close to the light but I doubt it. I hope someone can help me with this
  11. After looking into it, I'm really hoping it was just the fact that I really over watered her after the transplant. If anyone else has an idea please let me know
  12. the lower growth could either be not enough nitro or from the root bound. Ph of water could also be a problem I suspect.  
    what kind of bug was it?
  13. Not really sure, it could of been a gnat but I wouldn't really know, just a little bug that was chilling on my plant. I'm waiting for the soil to dry to get it transplanted into a three gallon, and then nutes if she's still alive
  14. Jayhawk, you have little to concern yourself ... the spots are Ca deficit, from a lowering of the ph or from lack thereof. Did you give her any nutes yet? I can grow cannabis with two applications of nutes from start to finish. If I were you I'd cut the nutes to 25% to start, seems Happy Frog is precharged with nutrients, if so, they probably dont need fertilizing at this time. You need to proceed a bit slower, and make sure your nute regimen has enough Ca. The spots will remain until harvest and will not improve. Another simple solution would be to save some egg shells and grind them into powder and sprinkle into the top inch of your substrate.
  15. It may have been the preloaded nutes in the happy frog, which I just transplanted her into a bigger container. Ill look for nutes with more calcium and possibly try the egg shell method you suggested, I have the main Fox farm three pack but have yet to start them yet. Thank you for the reply! I feel better now

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