Girl I Like Calls Me Bro in Texts

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  1. So I met this girl recently and she is beautiful and sexy as hell and we share so much in common... I finally found my ganja girl and tripping buddy.
    We've been on  two dates and we've been cuddling and what not and i've kissed her but im still confused why she calls me bro and stuff. I just kissed her forehead and stuff while cuddling.
    I dont wanna go to beta friendzone land

  2. So i confronted it via text and she said "You're fine trust me.... ive been in  a banished relationship and have some trust issues so sorry if i've been putting walls up"
  3. It's all good, girls love fucking guys they consider their bros.
  4. You answered your own post in 10 mins bro, dw u fine.
  5. you sound as if youre doing things right.
    women have "egocentricies" its fine, it sounds like. 
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    I had a girlfriend who called me dude sometimes. I really didn't dig it, but she didn't mean it bad. I don't think it's automatic friend zone and honestly- girls don't really call friends bro. Maybe it a term of endearment. If yoire a still hanging out you haven't been "friend zoned" besides- friend zone does not really exists. She'll just call u if she needs something but that ain't a friend! But Especially if she's still hanging with you. You haven't been. Blah girls. They are so snotty sometimes- not urs but I needed to say that

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  7. Just be cool
  8. Thanks for the pointers guys. Appreciate it.
  9. why are you kissing foreheads if you dont want to be friendzoned? thats what her dad does
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    need to bust those walls down :ey:
  11. Not sure guys. Havent heard from her in 2 days now so im starting to say fuck it... which is really unfortunate i think if it comes to that. I aint no damn chaser though like deadass i am who i am so take it or leave it...
    well see what happens. :/
  12. Call her sis and then u guys can practice some incest. Keep it in the family lmao.
  13. Thats the point 0_o

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  14. Joke?

    I thought the point was to fuck her.
  15. Ight so we are talking again and planning to get together. Im pulling the bitch pants off and im just gonna bust out my cock. I sent a snapchat after the gym to this girl yo and she saw the package and wanted that shit....
    I feel as if we go through phases in being able to interpret girls. Like girls change so much that theres always a trick to em it seems like haha.... idk im mad high. You could never have em fully figured out.
  16. Sounds a tad bit like rape to me.
  17. You sent her a dickpic? Lol

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  18. Lol I guess that's romance these days :lol:
  19. I mean if it gets him laid, then why not?
  20. this chick i was fucking would call me bro fucking around.. then she would get wrapped up and fucked and i was miraculously daddy all of a sudden!

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