girl hooks up with tree at ultra

Discussion in 'General' started by cheeerios, Mar 28, 2012.

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  2. Will that link give my computer super aids
  3. not anymore
  4. Fuck that tree! Fuck that tree! Hahaha that's funny as hell.
  5. uhhh what the
  6. [quote name='"cheeerios"']i just thought you guys should see this.[/quote]

    I heard the two guys filming it and to then it off. "I know BRO"

    ...precisely why I don't go to bro-fest ultra. Fuck that shit, help someone out when you see them like that, not continue to film them.
  7. 4 words arrange as you please.... "stupid", "attention", "seeking", "bitch"
  8. Performance art?
  9. My goodness, whole time I was watching I was hoping that I was being punked. I have never been that wasted in all my life...
  10. that chick is fat as fuck.
  11. im oddly aroused.
  12. i feel like the trees are getting more action than me.
  13. People shouldnt promote self destruction of character. That girl was gettin ready to go nude when those 2 woman saved her. Who knows what would of happened to that girl, clearly trippin on somethin wicked.
  14. If you look really closely you'll see it's another chick dressed up as a tree.

    Yep, this thread just got a lot sexier :ey:
  15. the funniest part was when the 2 chicks saved her. I want what shes on.
  16. going to fucking ultra next year.
  17. Wow... What the fuck did I just witness? Some serious unmentionables perhaps... I agree with Spaced man why wouldn't someone step in sooner instead of just filming her?..
  18. Someone wanted some wood lol...
  19. These fests are all crazy as fuck.. I saved some kids life on PcP at EZ :smoke:

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