Girl has a BF still wants to chill

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  1. Alright, I just starting working at this restaurant and I met this woman. She's really hot and definitely out of my league. She was flirting with me on our last shift together on Sunday; I thought she was just playful so played around with her thinking I had no chance. At the end of my shift she gives me her number and tells me to call her up to chill. I called her today and in the course of setting up a time to see her each other; she says, "I have a BF who is a bum w/ no job and I'm bout to dump his ass, etc." She still says she wants to get together tomorrow. Is it douche to try to get w/ this girl or should I tell her to become single, first?

  2. fuck the bro code

  3. What do you mean fuck the bro code? That guys gonna feel like shit if he finds out, not cool.
  4. this guy and the deuche bf are not bros....

    i say go for it dude, sounds like shes gonna be dumping his ass tomorrow anyways.

    also sounds like this girl is the type to enjoy playing games, so go for it, but stay ever vigilant to her games that are sure to ensue lmao
  5. Its all a setup! Don't do it! That guy is gonna beat your ass.
  6. don't know why the brocode was thrown out here, OP doesn't even know chicks bf, if he is a bum with no job and his gf wants to leave him then who gives a shit?
    Random, but if she left him and dated you then you lost your job, your now the bum bf with no job. She kind of sounds like a ho and is looking for random excuses to fuck around (if her bf was that bad, she could try not dating him, i heard it works pretty well)

    my advice, hit it and quit it, just a random lady and possible beneficial night for you, best of luck eh
  7. Been in the same position.

    Waited it out. She dumped him and I got my chance.

    As far as I'm concerned if a woman wants to be with me, she needs to decide that she wants to be with me. Not OK for my lady to have another man.

  8. People are very well capable of LYING. How would you feel if you found out he had leukemia or some shit. You never know. He doesn't know him and if she wants to fuck another dude she should just dump him now.

  9. completely this.

    people said fuck bro code, well i can't "fuck" moral code, i'm a heavy empathizer and dont want to imagine a girl breaking up with me and saying "yeah i fucked a dude last night lol!" such a low blow. i would just wait till she is single, then it is all in good conscience.

    if she wants to fuck guys when dating someone, you probably should refrain from dating her also
  10. Bro code? Every gf I have ever had has had a bf when I met her. Only once did I do something when they were still together though n thats because this chick sits on my lap with her arm behind my head. I mean serious who would say no to that shit being so in your face? Anyways...just hang out be kool and wait for her to make the move. Made me feel less like a douche since she moved on me.

    But it's still your life man do what you want and damn the Haters.
  11. well then that would make HER even worse for wanting to fuck around on her boyfriend who has lukemia, has nothing to do with me, your example is just retarded btw.
  12. The guy is someones bro and you are somebodies bro. Following the six degrees of bro-separation, sleeping with her would be a violation of the bro code, article 1 (bros before hoes).

    If she dumped him THEN started going out with you fine. Since he is a bro by association that wouldn't be a violation of Article 1 subsection 3 (Never date a bro's ex). So if she dumps him go for it. Don't be that dick that bangs a girl in a relationship, because even though he is a bum he might have bigger, meaner friends that are willing to stomp your chest into tomato soup.
  13. it all depends..

    if you just wanna fuck.. then go for it.

    if you want a relationship, then tell her she needs to dump the dude first cause you don't play like that..

    just my .02

  14. Calm the fuck down, you act as if they're married.


    If you want to keep calling bro code on everything, no one will get fucked. Its called survival of the fittest.
  15. Unless your are friends with the other guy or family then it is all good. If she still has the bf and is trying to get with you that doesn't make you the bad person that makes her the bad person.
  16. if she is willing to cheat on her boyfriend regardless of who he is, its not someone you would want to date. people like that who think there are exceptions to situations like that will just as easily do it to you.
    so if you just want to fuck her, then go for it. Don't get involved though.....
    or of course you could explain to her that you can't hangout because some of the people on grass city said you shouldn't fuck her, she will understand completely
  17. ream her asshole
  18. I'm just gonna see what happens. Not looking for anything serious but I'm always open to the idea, but, as most of you said, if she fuckds with me while she is still with someone it shows that she is not relationship material. I'm not going to try anything but I won't stop her either.
  19. She's one of "those" girls.

    She's probably not going to dump her boyfriend and I'm sure she does this all the time to throw in his face. :)

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