Girl found dead less than a block away from my house...

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  1. That's very scary man, the same kind of thing happened in a college town not to far from me about a year ago. People are going crazy :/
  2. dude hella shit is going on right now... fuckkkkk
  3. Wtf?? Why? Why is shit going crazy?
  4. we dont know!!
  5. And whatever frat boy scum that did that better rot in hell. Look at how beautiful that girl was.
  6. and my buddy road right by it and nothing was going on and on the way back to our house, there were hella cop cars behind this frat house. I guess that means we longboarded within about 50 feet of her body.
  7. Shits always been crazy. I think your just starting to smell it :smoke:
  8. Why did that crazy bitch kill herself? Somebody spread a rumor at school that her Vajayjay was funked out to high heaven?
  9. ^^ that gives her killer a reason to kill her? pfft..chalk another up to frat scumbags!
  10. Probably was a bunch of fuckin frat fucks, they probably raped her and dumped her.. Ive heard some bad stories bout fraternityss
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    fuck her.

    Wow dude that was not needed at all! 420
  12. Wow...really?
  13. [​IMG]

    She was mad cute, too. :(

  14. its bad man. the only thing you can do is stay strapped.
  15. Wow turns out she hung herself. I also heard something about zoloft being involved? I actually have a friend that was in her sorority...small world. RIP Carly
  16. sad man. fuckin sad.
  17. That's sad, so cute too

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