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girl crutches....hit it?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by scarz, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. ^^ Shes on permanent crutches

    She is a normal girl with no other mental illnesses

    OP, just needs to man up and go for it.

    I understand her being a virgin could end up being an issue, but you guys are young. I think this would be good for her considering its probably hard for her to deal with the fact that shes handicapped and her friends are makin fun of her for being a virgin.

    People can be mean so show her that she can still lead a normal life including scoring some cock when she wants it. :D
  2. Take a little bit more time with your posts.
  3. update: i hit it........it was wierd at first doggy and her on top were the easist
  4. good job rocket man
  5. LMAO how the fuck could either of those be easier than layin the chick on her back?

    I know you cant post pics of her but PLEASE sketch some shit up on how she looked doggystyle..
  6. Yeah, i'm pretty confused... If they're permanate crutches, how the hell would she make that position? BOTH actually, and how were they easiest??

    I dunno, it just seems like the crutches would be in the way of you, or her both ways, where as if you just layed her down, or agaainst a wall or somthing, they would be on her sides, and away...
    Am i right? =/

  7. I haven't laughed this hard in a while... :laughing:
  8. her cruches co come of with her on top i just grabbed her and fucked her she grabbed my shoulders and moved ehr self and as for doggy once we got her on her knees they pretty well stayd like that i wont lie it was good pussy and it can only get better we had to keep stopping cuz it kept hurting her
  9. Three words.....lube and anal.

    Then you can say to people you fucked a crippled in the ass.
  10. o im gonna try im just gonna take it slow ....i love anal

  11. Wait, is this a thread about a crippled girl who has a strap-on?

    Just messin bro. Kind of a weird thread to find this morning...me and one of the other bouncers at work were talking about this last night. We had to kick out a girl with the Jimmy crutches because she nailed some dude in the face with them while she was flailing around. So we had her friends escort her out while she was cussing us out and, naturally, we started talking about what it would be like to bang her.
  12. Fucking do it
  13. This thread completes my life.
  14. Hey, isn't that, that dude that had sex with that chick with the crutches?
  15. now if i fuck a midget my life will be complete
  16. godamn....this thread makes me proud to be a GC member
  17. Fuck yeah way to go OP.

    So is she a fuck buddy now?
  18. not rly re we go on dates but we arnt "dating somwere inbetween i guess
  19. Thats a fuck buddy :p
    Congrats again that was a good call
  20. my favorit part is shes tiny i can just pic her up its great

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