Girl coming over how to explain I grow

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  1. Ok guys real simple thread. Been talking to this girl on okcupid we've met and stuff but she's. Coming over this time. How do I explain I have a plant growing in my bedroom? She's a stoner girl.
  2. "I grow"
  3. "Hey don't mind the plant I have growing in my room"

    Happy toking!

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  4. You changed your name?
  5. If shes a stoner, shell probably be cool with it. Smoke a joint with her when she gets there, and be like "hey wanna see something crazy?"

    Then show her the plants.

    This is assuming you trust her not to blab/be a narc
  6. I probably wouldn't tell her if you haven't known her for long and can hide it in a closet or something. Security man.
  7. Nah definitely doesn't seem like to be one. Decriminalized here she carries under the limit. Who knows maybe she will get turned on and fuck underneath the led lmao
  8. Nah it's in 12/12 and in a grow tent in an apartment bedroom with roommates who have no idea. Ultimate stealth.
  9. Seems like people today forget the first rule of growing.

    But get that pussy dude.

  10. I know man but it's been like 3 months D:
  11. fuck that, i'd hide that shit lol
  12. fuck man your probably right.
    Loose lips sink ships. If you two ever have a falling out she might turn you in to get revenge.
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    unless you plan to marry, don't say shit
  15. Don't tell her. Think about it, what GOOD can come from it? However, there are multiple bad things that can happen, such as theft or snitching.
  16. Get ready to have the DEA knocking on your door when you forget her birthday.
  17. I wouldn't say anything because she might try to steal a bud or 2 when you are taking a shit or something..fuck all that.
  18. Hell naw brotha, hide that shit, dont ever show your grow to anyone, especially a females your having relationships with, i dont care how?cool they are or "trustworthy " they will rat you out in a heartbeat of any kind of fallout should happen between you,even if they really dont wana tell, if a cop gets them in an interrogation room and starts gving bogus threats they will panic and lead them strate to your grow so they dont get into trouble, trust me, its for the best not to advertise to anyone. Ever
  19. When you tell her that you grow in your bedrooom, I'll bet she looks down at your crotch!
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