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  1. Alright, well I feel kind of pathetic for making this post, but fuck it I'm shy and I need some advice.

    Anyways, I work at a super market as a stockboy, and am usually wandering around the store stocking stuff. And there is this black girl that works up at the registers as a cashier, n I'm crushing on her pretty bad. And I'm pretty sure that she likes me too.

    The problem is that I'm never up by the cash registers so I can't talk to her much. Really the only time we see eachother is when I go up to pay for food or a drink for break, and even then I don't always end up in her line or something. When we do happen to talk its just for a quick second and then she has to help the next customer.

    I'm 18 and just graduated highschool. I'm not gonna lie, but I'm pretty socially awkward. Like I'm really shy and quiet, but once I get to know someone I loosen up. Also, I've never had a girlfriend so I feel uncomfortable around girls sometimes, idk.

    So, I'm looking for advice on what I could say to her, or talk to her about, to intiate some kind of relationship. Without making it awkard in the short time I'd have to talk.

    I was thinking of writing my number down and next time I go through her line say something along the lines of " Hey, I should of done this awhile ago but I'm pretty shy. Heres my number, hit me up sometime." Does this make me sound like a complete pussy or is it alright?

    I don't know, I'm just wondering what I should say to her in this pretty-specific situation.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Much love city:wave:
  2. thats the idea man. instead of saying that, just be like i cant believe i havent done this yet, but heres my number. lets kick it soon. hit me up when you get off... or something like that.

    you have to be dominant dammit!
  3. Don't be shy. She's just a girl, and your really the prize. You should just ask her to chill sometime and get her number, and please don't call her right away. Give it a day or two to set up a date, and already have what you want to do for the date planned out. This is also a win-win situation, if she says yes and gives you her number you have a date but if she rejects you (don't know why she would) you learn that girls are just girls and there going to be plenty of them so don't worry about it.

    Remember be confident the whole time your talking to her, I'm not saying act like a fucking jerk. I'm just saying don't look like a pussy and be the alpha male.
  4. Girls are just like guys, but also not all girls or guys are the same. Girls are shy and get nervous around guys too, it just takes time to loosen up. Don't try to make her your girlfriend, make her your friend. It seems you don't have any close friends who are girls, because if you did you wouldn't be so nervous around them. So just make her your friend and do some fun stuff with her.

    Girls are just like guys, that's what you need to realize. She's just like you, take it slow and let it flow.

    My only other advice is to not say heres my number hit me up sometime, when you haven't really even talked to her at all. Just make some small conversation or let someone else talk to her for you. Take her out to eat after work or see if she wants to come out on a weekend. When you or any of your friends has an open house or a place to chill for the weekend, let her know hey me and my friends are gonna be having a little party this weekend why don't you and some of your friends come through? Oh and wear nice clothes...nothing baggy.

    Good luck

    Remember...she's just like you or any of your friends. (well maybe not any of your friends)
  5. It's just as awkward for her as it is for you. It's just another person.

    You do have the idea, drop off the number and say something sweet, and a nice smile.

    It's not pathetic at all, if anything she will find it cute, and take you seriously.
  6. My advice..don't ever crush on a woman. Keep it cool and if rejection comes your way, find ways to play it off in your favor. But also, remember that she might have a boyfriend. Chat with her like a friend at first, just so you can find out all of the important information beforehand.

    All of that aside, I find it's easiest to try and clear your mind before you talk to a woman you like. That way you get rid of all the jitters and the nervousness you might get when you're talking to her.
  7. Man just talk to her like you would any of friends girls wou was trying to be super nice with. Also be yourself and think of something not her when walking up to her. Small talk then exchange numbers.

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