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Discussion in 'General' started by stbernard808, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. im not sure why im posting my problems on the internet. but i do need some unbiasted answers so here it goes.

    alright ive been kind of fooling around with this girl for about 2 or 3 weeks. we've fucked and all that good stuff and we are friends with benefits. but i kind of like her.

    yesterday she went out on a date with some dude. it kind of dissapointed me. i think i actually like this girl a little more than just as a friend with benefits. should i try and get a date or just keep things the way they are now?

    and also, should i be angry that she went on a date? i really dont think i should be.
  2. Well, you can't be angry with her but beat yourself up all you want. Yeah, if you like her step in asap. I'd even think about meeting up for lunch and talking it out. Confessions of love are always best done at lunch time.
  3. lunch cant work cause i got class.

    but i was thinking about a movie or something tonight. yeah i cant really be angry at anyone but myself. and that always sux.
  4. Dude I was in the EXACT same boat your in

    its been 3 months and after many arguements and fights were still just friends...

    You can chase off all the dudes who move in on her you want but trust me shes not gonna like it lol

    Girls like jealousy but not alot...I dunno I guess they dont appreciate us wanting them all to ourselves?

    Either way if you push her and push her then its just gonna get ugly
  5. yeah im kinda jealous. its not very strong though. i guess i should show a little more emotion towards her.

    im not really the type to completely push other guys away though. shes free to do whatever she wants. i just want her to be doing me. :-(
  6. Unless you guys are dating or have real history you can't get jealous, if you like her ask her out. This is why I don't just fuck people, I have relationships to start out with, that way you know no one gets attached that doesn't have to.
  7. ^^^^^ no truer words spoken
  8. ask her how she feels about you.. you can't not go out with her and expect her to not go out with other guys
  9. One time, I had a friends with benefits situation that didn't involve one of us getting attached.

    It's so rare thats the case though, which is why its a bad idea in my oppinion.

    If you're having sex, than im sure youre comfortable enough around her to let her know how you feel. Go for it, good luck.
  10. just stick to the booty only want her because she went out with some fool, other wise you would have already asked her out.
  11. you are about half right on that fluffy. but i was considering it yesterday before i knew that. so idk. i think were going to a movie later tonight. wish me luck gc.
  12. It's worth the shot.

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