Girl advice, need help from girls !!

Discussion in 'General' started by Skunky Monkey, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. OK so i'm the kind of guy that's OK with doing whatever she wants to do, listen to her music go to the movie she wants to see eat where she wants to eat and so on, but do girls actually like that ??
  2. they like it when you rub your dingus against their clingus.
  3. Sounds like your're being a bit of a pushover, and no they hate it. It bores them. That's why girls always go for the bad boys who don't let them get it their way. That way they stay interested in the relationship.
  4. Yea they like when the guy is a pussy whipped bitch.
  5. everyone is different.
  6. I thought so :p literally that's exactly ehat i thought, the bore part.

    That's it :devious: were watching terminator i don't care if she doesn't want to.

    And no it's not that i'm a push over, just that i don't like saying no..wait :eek:

  7. Nah i'm not a pussy, just like to treat my girl right yo
  8. Theres a difference between being a nice guy and being a nice guy who is a pussy whipped bitch.

  9. I like that, and I'm a girl.
  10. Girls like that bullshit. Women like being treated well. Or forced anal.
  11. If she enjoys your company then why not but if she is getting bored then perhaps spicy it up with new ideas for an date.
  12. if a bitch ever tries putting a leash on me she'll get the boot.
  13. lmfao woof woof what you say bitch "kicks her out of door" learn to obey me hahaha

  14. I just want to make her happy. when she's happy i'm happy. But i should spice things up a little. I generally try to propose ideas i know she will be into. instead of inviting her to a metal concert :D

    Yeh we do different stuff, she's always laughing having a good time. :)
  15. Everyone is different, and responds differently to these sort of situations.

    I personally will be bored out of my mind if the guy I'm dating always wants me to pick what we do, and has no opinion for himself. There's give and take in relationships (even friendships) so if all conversations, outings, dates, whatever, are one sided... well, that sucks. Compromise is key.

    And also, if she doesn't ask your opinion or want you to make the decisions once in a while, then there's a chance she might be just using you.

  16. Oh no, i worded it wrong, i pretty much propose ideas i kinda already know she'll like, i guess should i try to do things i would like, i'm just happy when she's happy.

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