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  1. Soo basically I found an old phone number I had written on a piece of paper. I texted it. It happen to be this girl I had been attracted to a year or so earlier. I was in a relationship and had just moved out of state. I'm back in my home state now, I texted the number asking who it was.I sent her a picture, to which she said i was cute. I remembered her, but she didn't remember me (Not surprising considering she's attractive). Anyway, I started texting her to try to get to know her better.. I texted her for maybe 90 mins that day. Next day I texted her no response, same for the night afrer. Texted her yesterday, and she apologized saying I have horrible timing lol. I asked her for her FB, and added her. Today I talked to her on fb, but kinda like yesterday she doesn't really tend to respond  very in depth.  I feel like the only thing I can do is ask her if she wants to chill and smoke a blunt or something. Is it that some people just take a little bit more to get close with? I feel like the step I should take is just accept it for what it is right now.. Get myself a job (I do have an income, and a car. But things are hard without an actual income) and after I get the job ask her to chill... I don't know lol, any advice is welcomed.

  2. My suggestion is to give the texting a rest until she responds.  More than likely it is coming off as desperate.  Play it cool and maybe something will evolve at some point and you can ask her out then.
    Sending 3 or 4 texts with no response is no bueno, amigo!
  3. Well it was never obsessive or anything. If she didn't respond I left it alone till the next day or whatever. And yeah, thats what i'm worried about. I think i'm just going to give it a rest for now. If I come across some money I might text her in a couple days and ask to chill. But I think texting may just be detrimental at this point.
  4. Stop with this thumb typing bullshit. Dial up that number and call her. 
    Ask her if she wants to 'chill and smoke a blunt' or whatever it is you think she would want to do. 
  5. I would tone it down a bit if I were you. Air it out for a few days. She knows your interested, so let her come to you at this point. If you over do it she could decide you are clingy and then its too late.
  6. She's doesn't want the d. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. That's kinda obvious right now. And to be brutally honest this isn't all about getting laid. The way I look at it is what happens happens. I don't even care if we ended up being friends. All i'm really getting at right now is how to get to know her better. There is always a way.
    Doesn't seem like there is in your situation. Keep us posted.
  9. There is. I've kinda analyzed my friend making as a whole. I've kind of got unreal expectations. I sat down, listening to music, and i just realized.. When is the last time I sat texting a friend all day?  Like Firefly said, too much is just going to make me seem desperate (I'm not). I've got her facebook, i've got her number, i'm ahead. I've decided i'm going to leave the situation for now. I'll come back to it whenever I feel the time is right. if she posts something on FB that I can relate to or something, then i'll have natural conversation. You can't force things. If nothing develops on FB, i'll just straight up ask her to chill. I'm not too worried one way or the other anymore haha. If anything does develop, if i can remember i'll update the thread lol.
  10. Victory. She posted earlier on facebook something about how it's nice having a phone when no one texts you. So I sent her a text. Made 2-3 quick small talk texts, and then suggested we should chill and smoke a blunt. "So come see me whenever! I'd like that so much."

    Time to have a good night, again. I fucking love my life lately.
  11. Whenever I see people post statuses referring to how lonely they are I always wonder how many people inbox/text them immediately afterwards... do you really think you are the only one? If nobody texts her why wasn't she replying to you a couple of days ago when you were actually trying? I hate people like that but to each their own. Sent from my SM-T217S using Tapatalk
    Idk man...she sounds iffy. But good luck.

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