Girl, 15, turns in mom for allegedly smoking pot

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    WAVERLY, Neb. (AP) - A 15-year-old girl turned in her mom for allegedly smoking marijuana in front of her. The 32-year-old woman was cited on suspicion of child abuse and marijuana possession. The daughter called the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office, and authorities executed a search warrant of her mother's home on Wednesday. The girl told authorities where they could find the woman's drug paraphernalia and marijuana. One gram of pot was found.
    The woman has two other children living in the home.

    Mom defends herself:

    A paperclip with resin and less than a gram.

    Mad props to the mom for honesty.
  2. "Surprisingly blunt mother"... lol.

    I like this woman.
  3. Damn bitch-ass kids!
  4. Even though shes not the best looker... milf based on the facts I've gathered. :D
  5. Lil bitch is GROUNDED!:mad: Props to the mom!
  6. The comments are retarded as fuck.

    "Pot heads I've known are just as self destructive, and in they're own way as obnoxious as any–and I mean any–substance abuser.

    Abusing pot is not as innocuous as you make out. It is a documented gateway drug and has an intoxicating effect on par with booze."
  7. She came out about it to her daughter, probably showing her what it is and not hiding it away. Usually a 15 year old would have smoked already or would have been cool with it but no, this daughter goes and jews out her own family member. Maybe it wasn't smart of her to do it... but I don't know this woman. She might be some crackhead bitch, locking her daughter in a box and hotboxing it with every potent toke. I would be happy, that is, if I was let out of the box...
  8. do you know anything about the Holocaust, people dying to keep their children alive?

    You are a fucking scumbag -rep. I'm fucking sick of this intolerant bullshit on these forums, KEEP IT REAL
  9. Your reaction keeps the hate alive there genius! :rolleyes:
  10. For the record we don't know all of the facts. It said something in the article about Child abuse charges.

    If my mom was abusing me I would want to get her for it, but if there wasn't much evidence yet she smoked weed I would just get her for that. I hope this kid didn't just rat out her mom to be a little bitch. Then again I hope she wasn't abused either.
  11. I'm not certain but its likely that smoking weed in your home around children is considered abuse these days :confused:
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    I believe they did charge her with child abuse bc she allegedly smoked in front of her kids, under the idea of parental neglect. However, they mentioned there was a previous parental neglect in the past.

    Also, the kids have 'behavioral problems' but they didnt say exactly what. I would presume that if the kid reported her for weed, she would report her for physical abuse.
  13. I'm sick of all these bullshit made up problems. Behavior problems oh no, we're all human and we're all different. What happened to that teaching instead of insisting everybody has a problem these days.

    Seems like everybody just wants there to be a problem today instead of just looking at is as being human. :(
  14. Just in case I am misreading your post, I am not saying the kids have behavior problems, they said it in the news report.

    I agree with you that there are many bs problems they say kids have these days and are too quick to put'em on ADD drugs. But, if the kid has some mental issues or is acting out in a dangerous way-then that should be addressed for the benefit of the kid.
  15. Oh no, I know you weren't saying they have issues. I know there are serious issues too, but then there are ridiculous issues that they have medications for and such.
  16. wow....this is really a difficult situation to form an opinion on, as said before we don't know the homelife of this kid. You'd think that by 15 you'd know if your parents smoked and if it was on a regular basis, why turn her in just now? did the water get turned off cuz mom didn't pay the bill, but she was in the back room smoking the last of the money? was she sick of her siblings not having anything to eat? Or is she just a typical snotty 15yr old that got mad at mom for not letting go out or what not, and decided she'd get back at her? like i said, it's really hard to comment or judge, since we really dont know.
  17. Man there is nothing wrong with your kid seeing you smoke. Obviously you don't want to do it in front of kids if you can help it, but that is only because if anyone finds out you might get sent off to jail while your kids are shipped off to foster care (lol... shipping kids to foster care for catching their parents smoking weed. I bet foster care is so much better for them:rolleyes:)
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    You know, I was actually considering not putting in "they are jewing out their family members", but I left it in to prove a point. And that point still has to come back to me.

    The truth is I can't believe anyone would get upset over that. But blar, thats just me and maybe I have to be more "sensitive" like yourself. But I think not, as I don't hate any particular cultures (except hindus, some are all right, and I mean that, but its their native foods that really make me think of them as oily, smelly, greasy turbin wearers, I'm sorry if that offends anyone :cry: )
  19. sounds like the girl told on her just to get back at her for something, what a bitch

  20. Amen Brother

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