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    Hey everyone just wanted to get some feedback as to possible defect the plant is having, thought it could be Heat stress, but looking like something that is slowly progressing.
    I'm growing organic so i was under the impression that I may have some hotspots so to speak but i mixed up the soil very well throughout the cycling process.
    Blackjacks x2
    RH: 30 to 40 %
    Temps 65-77 
    - 1.5 c.f. of roots organics
    -1.5 c.f of EWC
    -1.5 c.f. of perlite 
    -1 cup of Kelp meal
    -1 cup of Plant tone
    1/2-1 cup of garden lime
    Given a few teas for first couple of rounds just used EWC, BSM, and Drammatik K fish and seaweed
    Most recent tea given was actual dandelions not extract, few crowns of lemon balms, BSM, EWC, and powdered kelp
    Just trying to help it bounce back because i had some troubles with the starter mix. In the process now of brewing up own fish hydrolysates, and fermented the Dandelions, also thought about doing gils bloom and grow once the ferments were done.
    Also thought about just trying EWC slurrys but just kind of getting into my groove.
    But any advice welcome
    Happy growing


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  2. Relax on the tea's, more isn't better man haha

    I think your screwing up the soils pH, by applying tea after tea (AKA More then 1/week) your humus doesn't have time to re-buffer the soil.
  3. I agree. Too much, too soon. Water only for awhile. You should be just fine once the soil finds its balance again.
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    Thanks for the quick reply you guys.. I know i may have been going on a little strong with the teas never more than one in a week though, but been possibly supplementing when it wasn't needed(using drammatik K and kelp in one gallons) but this is my first organic grow trying to get a feel for where my soil stands, what techniques work for me what i possibly need to add after this cycle.
    Just gave a foliar of regular distilled today, probably gonna just keep using plain water till 2nd week of flower, but do you think using powdered kelp and homemade fish hydrolysates would be a good foliar feed. Or just backing off of everything completely except water is what you meant and assuming I did use those would i need to put a wetting agent in it if i used it before light went out.
    Currently in the process of brewing up:
    - FPE=Dandelion
    - Fish hydrolysate
    - Already have finished Lacto culture
    - Flower nutes ferments (butternut squash, pumpkin if i can find it, papaya, banana)
    But aside from the lockout/defect you guys and gals think they are looking pretty good just topped em going in for the next two nodes soon just trying to get some nice bushes going, but i will keep you posted.
    Happy Growing
  5. Also microbes I pretty much have the whole bomb family just kind of waiting to perfect this organic soil, and supplements. 

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