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ging to my bosses house for dinner with my mom

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by randomstoner, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. well basicly myboss's mom's birthday is this week so they havin a party for her just last week she found out her son "who is 19 and pretty good friends with me since birth" has been smoking weed and shes super pissed lol but im goin over there with my mom tonight and as u notices by my typing im blazed lol im prolly just gona go eat dinner and swim but i need to appear sober lol htis is in 1 and a half hours..i ment to take off my shirt when i was smokin but forgot to so i put a lot of deoderant on shud i go shave and brush my teeth n shit? i rly dont wana take a shower or change but if it sounds like a good idea i will

    sorz for wall of text im pretty high
  2. I think I understood that
  3. Post in the right section. This is seasoned tokers, obviously if you do not know how to act sober when you need to you are not a seasoned toker.

    I would help you if you could write properly. I'm high right now as well and can spell just fine.

  4. hahahahaha
  5. i dont think u understand dude...its his grandmothers birthday so my friend and his cousins came earlier to celebrate we ended up smoking a fukcing philly blunt filld with purp between like 3 head
  6. If you smoked more then an hour ago how could you possibly have trouble acting normal.

  7. Nope, no, you're right I dont understand what the hell is going on in this thread.

    /gets the fuck out
  8. man i'd love to come to your house right now, sit down smoke a blunt of the organic master kush i just picked up to the face right in front of you, then proceed to act fairly normal just to spite you.

    ****ing loser
  9. fill up the bathtub with HOT water

    i mean the HOTTEST water that you can bear

    then hop in and keep putting ur head underwater

  10. Couldnt have said it better.


    OP is definetly a little kid who thinks acting like a lunatic while high is funny when it is clearly just annoying
  11. Eyedrops, take a shower, put on new clothes. Tada! Being high is a lot different from being drunk, and if you smoked over an hour ago, you should most definitely be able to act normal.

  12. Honestly its peices of shit like the OP that give us a bad rep.
  13. kids these days man i'm tellin ya

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