gimme some crazy sex positions!

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  1. this can include toys, whips, oils, sexy snacks, bondage, or more than one person.
  2. give her the jackhammer or the anvil
  3. the reach around ;)
  4. alabama hot pocket
  5. the bremuda triangle ;)
  6. Let her come over to my house, ill give her my book o' positions and show her some examples...then when she comes home, she can embrace her new knowledge and show you some shit you didn't know she could do. By doing this, you will be amazed she can do these things and will fall in love with her more.

    Normally, my services for saving relationships is $125/hr. But for a fellow blade ill do it for free. =]
  7. lmfao lol nicely stated
  8. The Bucking Bronco
    Have sex any way you please. Afterwards, dropkick your partner.

    Abraham Lincoln: Spunk over your sluts face(The lower part, around the mouth). Then using the pubes you shaved off earlier, surprise her by throwing them all on her face, giving her an Abraham lincoln type beard.

    Ride The Bull \t
    When you are pounding a chick in the ass, reach around and grab onto her titties and yell "I HAVE AIDS!", then try and stay on as long as you can.

    millions more...
  9. Haha :hello:
  10. the wheelbarrow...
  11. the screaming pelican -
    you're fucking a girl on the beach, take your dick out, stick it in the sand and then shove it in her ass

    amazon firefighter-
    right before you blow your load, light her pubes on fire then extinguish with ur spunk

    The Pirate-
    When you are about to shoot off the boys, kick her in the leg and shoot it in her eye. Thus she is jumping around with an eyepatch.

    While taking a dump, a girl is giving you head

    Your nailing a chick from behind, doggy style, and reach foward, grabbing her arms, sending her front end down. Instinctively she will lift her head, able to plow anything out of her way until she hits something solid. Works best at the top of a flight of stairs, because you begin to ride her like a sled.

    the spider-man:
    Cum on ur hand and sling it at her face or any other body part

    Mr Furley -
    When a girl gives you head, you stick both of your index fingers in her ears

    The Dale Earnhart -
    Fuck a girl doggy style while slamming her head first in a wall.
  12. you can try the donkey punch

    your fucking a girl in the ass and when youre gonna cum you punch her on her side so she squeezes really hard..
  13. Try candles. i usually rub some aromatic massage oil all over my gf body, light a soy wax candle and then it's blitzkrieg time. she gets off when I pour on her tits and nipples. she gets pretty wet at this stage and wants me to eat her pussy. While toking on her pussy juice, she would continue pouring the wax on her tits until it's all covered with wax. Some wax would drip down to her thighs and pussy and that's when you can really feel the pussy juice flowing like a waterfall.
    After a while, I flip her the doggie style way and start pouring working my way gently toward her nice round ass. One hand pouring the wax, the other hand massaging her anal hole and fingering her pussy. When she's all worked up and ready then I start pounding that pussy like crazy. Afterwards, we hit the showers and the fucking continues. :yummy:

    note: -playing with candle wax tend to be messy so use additional towels or sheets
    -always communicate with your partner
    -be gentle and don't rush
    -very hot wax can really burn and hurt your partner
    -never pour hot wax into any orifice or onto the face, not near the eyes
    -don't forget to turn off the candle, im always high so i tend to forget :smoking:
  14. Do the Rodeo. Its where your fuckin a girl doggy style and you tell her you got AIDS and see how long you can hold on before you get bucked off.
  15. camdle wax while tied up in shibari style bondage
  16. What you need is a car and a flexible guy.

    The guy sits on the passenger seat. Girl gets on top facing him. As they're fucking, the guy arches his back and puts his weight on his legs and arms. The girl on top is pinned to the roof of the car. Now if the guy's good enough, he can fuck her and keep her pinned to the roof of his car for as long as he wants.
  17. Caress her with the cambodian Ski slope.:smoking:
  18. thats nice man, ill be bookmarking it.

    those animations get me quite going lulz

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