Gil Kerlikowske: Obama's Drug Czar

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    The naming of Kerlikowske was greeted with cautious optimism by drug law reform proponents.
    Back in 2003, Kerlikowske was asked about his views on a local ballot initiative to make marijuana possession the lowest law enforcement priority.
    In response, he stated that "arresting people for possessing marijuana for personal use... is not a priority now."

    We're cautiously optimistic that Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske will support Obama's drug policy reform agenda.

    While Gil Kerlikowske has not spoken out in favor of any of these reforms, he is clearly familiar with them and has not been a forceful opponent. Given the high regard in which he is held by other police chiefs around the country, Mr. Kerlikowske has the potential to provide much needed national leadership in implementing the commitments that Barack Obama made during the campaign.
  2. This is HUGE news!! Thanks for posting it man. :hello:
  3. What a cushy job. It sounds like the easiest job in the entire world.
  4. No the easiest job in the world is marijuana strain reviewer for a dutch marijuana magazine

  5. where can i apply?

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