Gifted a joint to a homeless man

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Peter Griffin, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. A few days ago I put a joint in my car, planning on giving it to the next homeless guy I see. So I'm on my way home from folfing, sitting in line at the stop light and who do I see 20 feet away? A homeless man complete with camouflage shirt and a large beard. He looked a lot like my drunk earth science teacher from freshman year.

    So I get up to where he's standing with my window rolled down,

    Me: hey man you want a joint??
    Bum: *in a perfect Tommy Chong voice* "yaa, thanks mayn!"

    Maybe I can find that guy again and I'll give him some more
  2. that's actually really fucking cool

    plus rep man :)
  3. I once gave a homeless guy the rest of my blunt and one time when I was about to get busted by the cops near the same spot that same homeless guy bailed me out !
  4. my town is riddled with homeless, i mean like if your downtown theres more homeless then tourists and my town only lives becuz of tourists.. but i became friends with a couple homeless and i would bring one guy dennis he does dirty jokes on the main street downtown, i would give him like a gram or two and 10 bucks on my way outta work cuz hed always be in the same spot, id stop and talk and hang out with him hes a really cool fucking dude..
  5. He woulda probably been better off with a cheeseburger. I mean seriously, you give a guy with no money something that gives munchies...bleh.
  6. + rep for sharing the love
  7. finally a good example of karma
  8. LOL! legit point but I still think if I was homeless I'd be down for a joint and would probably be use to having the munchies(mind over matter right?).
  9. +rep for being so nice :)
  10. brother did a good deed! +rep
  11. +rep to you Mr. Griffin. The world needs more people like this.
  12. lol when i used to sell me and my homie gave like a dub to a homeless dude on the side of the road he was happy as fuck....i guess we shoulda gave him sticks or joints...

    but yea thts wats up OP
  13. This one time, i a bum was holding a sign up saying it's his birthday

    i talk to him for a bit, and end up giving him a gram. he was SO happy
    and grateful, it just felt really really good to do!

    be kind to the homeless, they don't all deserve
    to be where they are
  14. That's pretty awesome man. I was out in SF smoking a blunt and this homeless guy wandered up to where we were smoking. We asked him if he smoked then we gave him the rest of the blunt. He was happy as fuck.

    +rep for spreading the love
  15. I try to walk/drive around with weed as little as possible. When I have cigarettes, I'll give those out...they need them more than I do.
  16. our town is some old historic town and it has the coolest homeless people. we love to invite them on our sessions down by the river, they always have some really cool knowledge to share or some new book to talk about, i love it. excellent job spreading the sharing culture man
  17. Its a great feeling sharing something with someone in need.

    But FUCK moochers. You know who you are
  18. pre cool culda just gave it to me..but props peter
  19. Yo Peter Griffin, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but hax0r had the best story about giving a homeless guy weed of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  20. haha lmao fucking kanye west...

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