gifted 9 vanilla kush plants at 3 feet high what to do?

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    so my neighbor had some problems blah blah blah (you dont wanna hear it) i got 9 vanilla kush plants now. but i had 9 "gdp" in a top drip but there only like a foot and 3 inches but i have to cut them!!! is it worth it to cut them or maybe donate the kush to the dispenseys. im at a bit of a o fuck.

    the pic is the first week sometime in there

    and no im not a carpenter lol

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  2. anyone i gave you a pic what more do you want from me
  3. I don't understand your question. Yes there marijuana plants, why do you have to cut them? If you have too what is your question?
    I don't quite understand you..
  4. He's afraid they're too big to be able to finish in his room. Just tie them down, and if you have to, lop off the first foot of each plant, then start flowering.
  5. start some intense training man, dont chop em
  6. What he is saying is that he was gifted 9 Vanilla Kush that are 3' tall already (not pictured) but in order to keep them he would have to get rid of his 9 GDP's (pictured) or should he just donate them..... I think?
  7. exactly sorry you cant expect much from a stoner site as in..well at least my English sucks. ya trust me i want to keep them all, i grow for my gf i just need 150 for my papers lol then this wouldnt be a problem. i figured out how easy it is to take a picture then insert my memory card into my computer, so ill start journal or this later when i go in my room :)
  8. clone them then give them to someone else or bonsai/lst them into submission
  9. there's actually picture i made a journal, ill just get my card we have been slacking it then i can add 12 more

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