Gift idea and I need help

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  1. I've got two Black Leaf bowls that have very large spaces for metal screens. I'm not a fan of very small holes in bowls. The other advantage is that the very large screen indention fits the lip of a water/coke bottle. This makes this piece awesome for impromptu gravity setups. I carry it with me to friends houses so I have my own implement to smoke with.

    Now for the question. I want to get a piece engraved for a friend as a gift, and she's gotten used to smoking out of this bowl. I cannot remember where I got it, but I want to get one of similar size and have it engraved as a gift. I've seen the Bucky Bowls which is basically what I'm looking for, but wanted to get glass that just barely sits on the bottle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    (Long time creeper, first time post)

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