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  1. My girlfriends birthday is on December 27, 2 days after Christmas! Soooo instead of killing myself going shopping for her birthday AND Christmas at the same time I figured I'd just get her 2 tickets to go on vacation in like February sometime (one would be for me of coarse). Anyway, I need a CREATIVE way of giving them to her. I don't want to just hand her an envelope w tickets in it on Christmas n thats it lol lets here some good ideas!
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    Wrap it up in a box like a normal christmas present?

    By the way, any ideas where you plan on taking her?
  3. Fold her ticket up, seal it in a condom wrapper and tell her you want sex.
  4. You will probably have better ideas then anybody else on GC because you know what her personality is like, you could describe her personality and that may help with some suggestions.
  5. Put the tickets with flower petals into a fancy glass bottle, and when she breaks open the bottle there should be a strong flower aroma while she checks out the tickets. Maybe...yea.

  6. OK. Here I'll describe her. Shes a typical female! She likes romantic, cute shit like every other chic does lol

  7. Not positive yet. I am either going to do a week trip to Rivera Maya in Mexico or go on a cruise or something in the Western Carribean, like a 8 day w 5 stops or something. Most likely I'm going to do the cruise though cause I think its going to be a little cheaper.

  8. that sounds pretty win right there. :smoke:
  9. Sounds good except for the fact that I never use condoms lol
  10. if you guys pay bills n shit, sneak them inside some one night.

    throw it in the phone book and make her order pizza, on that same page.

    or pull a christmas story type suprise. hide it behind the desk. haha
  11. instant fucking win :eek:
  12. she likes romance huh?
    send her on a romantic scavenger hunt..
    depending on where your sending her, have her acquire some of the bigger thngs shed need on the trip...
    say you were thinking a beach get-away
    on the list you could have..
    bathing suit, suntan lotion
    drink umbrellas

    and at the end of the scavenger hunt, have her follow a different one from things around the house, that are all clues to the next clue, and at the end is the tickets...and you...


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