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    Wat name would u use on a gift card, when you order from attitude?
    its kinda nice since the card i got u dont even have to be registered.. went ahead n registerd it anyways would u use that name?? also would u have to contact attitude with the info like the site said..

    Can I pay with Gift Card / Multiple gift cards: Yes, you can email us the details and we will process that for you: with the card type, card number, expiry date, amount available on each card and security code, please ensure that it is a gift card activated for international use and also that it has been registered
  2. I've used gift cards with attitude before.. If your local mail person knows you by YOUR name.. theres no reason to not use your own name because that alerts more suspicion than otherwise. Never use the name of people who used to live at your address because if they set up mail forwarding it WILL GO TO THEM.. and you def don't want that.
    IMHO.. attitude is legit with you, so its best to be legit with them and that actually gets your items shipped out to you faster since the name on the card and address its shipped to is the same as billing.
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    So basicly type it in like a CC, n jus use the name n addy under cc info for where it goin??
    Cuz the gift card has no name besides visa gift card..

    I already got the place to send it legit name n all but jus dunno how to use the gift card with them

    I dunno if I make sense but I'm askin about how to use it on thier site
    do I contact them with info or jus fill out the cc info wit the giftcard info n use my name since the gc has no name
  4. I've searched already.. Jus need this info A-sap..
  5. yeah, just do that. if they dont accept it thru the net, then attitude will prolly give u a call.
  6. so i did it lastnight.. it didnt work as a CC it said something bout failder try again i did n nope 3 trys i ended up with 3 ordered.. Why? it said i have 3 ordered of the same thing wait for payment..

    So ne ways i wrote them n email sayi wvt happen n how id like 1 order only n for payment they can contact me on the process.. now im jus waitin till monday for some info..

    i think i shoulda jus used the CC

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