giant spherical monitering device (my idea)

Discussion in 'General' started by ericmeister3000, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. before i share my idea id like to share the background story:

    me and a couple homies were kickin it outside takin so bong rips. then one of my friends says "you realize the gov. can see us on sattelites right now?".

    so it got me thinking, what if the US could moniter everything at every second

    so then i realized they would need a massive sphere, and inside the sphere, it would be basically an imax theatre (screens everywhere)

    then however many people would be sitting on a clear structure in the direct center of the sphere.

    also, the US would have like 10 sattelites positioned circuling the globe

    anyways, inside the sphere would be a globe, but it would be zoomed in so everything going on in the world would be visible

    it would be crazy, cuz you can look around and just see everything going on in the world

  2. First of all, you're ungodly baked.

    Secondly, it doesn't take the government to monitor everything. They've been doing it for a very long time, hell google is taking pictures of everything on the earth at this point. That's viewable to normal people.

    By the way, you think you're going to put people in chairs on a floating platform in the middle of a giant reflective sphere, with globes inside of it monitoring everything in tiny vision.

    See how crazy that sounds in a sentence?
  3. [​IMG]

    I suggest in investing in a hat made of aluminum foil so that "the man" can't track your brain waves or know your precise location.

  4. Oh to be young.
  5. The beauty of psychological terrorism is that the government doesn't need to do that much work, they can sit back and let the people do it to themselves.

    This is why the state loves disputes over religion, racism, and sexism. As long as the population is focused on men vs. women, white collar vs. blue collar, minorities vs. whites, Christians vs. atheists vs. muslims vs. jews, etc. As long as people are content to call the cops over every petty noise dispute and every time they see a neighbor ripping a bongload. You get the picture.

    As long as we continue to be one another's own worst enemies, the state presides over all of this, feeding off of it.
  6. Wheres the giant laser death ray?
  7. I think your on to something.

  8. fuck!
  9. haha this thread is funny

    the other thing i was thinking about dealing with this was...

    it would be like a giant glove, but everything would be super zoomed in

    so it would be like a map. whatevers happenining is like a map'

  10. Too bad America has no money to pay for such a thing.

  11. (looks at location)

    (looks at avatar)

  12. What'sThatSmell's avatar is how the gov't is spying on us!

    Why use a superdome when you have tiny eyes in the internet? :eek:

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