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  1. i am growing giant pumpkins atm i have 1 really big one about 20 or more pounds and some smaller ones. im really excited about them so far, I have pulled about 6 to 7 little pumkins off already to give more juice to the big one seems to be helping. i might post a pick if this thread takes off a little. im also growing sunflowers,cucumbers,zuceny,peas, tomatos, pepers, and jalopenos. if u want ne tips on the pumkins fill free to ask, i have learned alot so far.
  2. i just took a large zucchini down to our county fair on tuesday and won second place. ill post pics on sunday after i pick it up from the fair. It weighed 7.25lbs and i got beat by maybe an ounce or two. the first place winner looks exactly the same size. Growing huge things in the garden is super fun and funny. My buddy used to inject his pumpkins with miracle grow and they got huge. pumpkins rock. cant wait till October
  3. pics or gtfo lol
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    i used compost tea and top soil mixed with the soil from our back yard for the garden. i used fox farm grow big and big bloom in a compost tea. this zucchini was in the raised beds and i harvested this zucchini on last tuesday so it could have gotten a lot bigger. Red ribbon is for second place which is mine and the one behind it is first place. this is my first personal garden.

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  5. i would have grown pumpkins this year but i didn't start early enough and ran out of space. i just need to dig more dirt and sift again.

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