Giant pimple from hell

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  1. Well today started out good Today I wake up actually feeling rested on 6 hours of sleep .. So I spring outa my bed to take a hit or 2 before work it's not as much smoke as i like but I'm a sushi chef and work with knifes and Id rather keep my finger tips as I proceed to my bathroom to brush my teeth .. Ahhhhh a huge pimple on my nose!! I feel like the wicked witch from wizard of oz .. Anyone have any tips for me... I don't like popping It's a deep pimple .. Like it's on the rim and I can feel it from both sides.. It's not the end of the word but on the other hand its driving me crazy because of where it's at ..
  2. Lol shitty....I dunno, just give it a good wash

    If your a chick, which I doubt, put makeup on it
  3. Rarely when I get a zit I put a dab of the proactive mask on it. Takes it down a notch and it also masks the pimple so people cant see.
  4. It's tender .. Hurts when I touch it Grrr
  5. Any home remedies.. I'm super cheap! I hear toothpaste works?
  6. Pop that shit and put some neosporin on it.

  7. toothpaste is supposed to dry it out but I have never tried it myself.
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    Put a warm washcloth on it to encourage it to come to a head.

    Edit: What I really wanted to say was "Get someone to film you popping it and put it on youtube." :eek:
  9. toothpaste will dry it as well as cover it up
  10. [quote name='"SativaShark"']Put a warm washcloth on it to encourage it to come to a head.[/quote]

    I think that might be a good idea .. I'd rather be kicked in dick than popping it .. I'm exaggerating .. Cuz popping leads to scars!

  11. Thats why I said put neosporin on after you pop it.
    Then when you get out and your still all hot n steamy n wet, try to get it GENTLY with qtips, if you cant see any bit of head leave it alone. then wash the area and the rest of your face, put some spot treatment or toothpaste on it and then rinse with freezing cold water in like an hour or so. Or just rub the toothpaste in.
  13. you must pop your nose cherry. you don't want your pimple to be a virgin do you?
  14. i used tooth paste, not the best but works. also they sell something that sucks the puss out of the pimple idk if that helps
  15. [quote name='"Happy Times"']

    Thats why I said put neosporin on after you pop it.[/quote]

    Lol I hate popping it leaves a (bloody mess ( in a english accent) every where
  16. Squeeze it a little, if there is a white mark on it that starts to rise, use a needle and bust the white part, then SQUEEZE
  17. Maybe its a boil? I think I had one...fucking huge zit on the inside of my nose, i squeezed it, puss and blood started running out. fucking br0000tal.
  18. Haven't had a real bad pimple in years, but I had a pizza face for a while, and my advice is, if you can't see the white head(pus) leave her alone, if you can, wash your face, gently scrub with a face-wash. Then, instead of popping it with your fingernails, take a sewing pin and VERY GENTLY poke a hole in the head of the pimple, again being extremely careful, then let it drain, and cover with an antibiotic.

    The point of the sewing pin is to drain the pimple without causing the bloody mess referred to in the above post.:smoke: Some might not like the idea of poking themselves with a sewing pin. I like to pretend i'm doing a surgical operation on my face.:D

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