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GIA - Earth Goddess

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by smittywerb, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know anything about this theory? I heard a little bit about it and it's very interesting, to say the least. I heard that it is the theory that the earth is a huge, conscious, living being. I heard that it maintains and regulates everything here on earth to provide for life....it's wierd. Can anybody tell me more?
  2. I'm pretty sure she was who gave Captain Planet his power on that kids show back a while ago.
  3. thanks, that helps....a lot. :(
  4. OK sorry...She's a Greek goddess. The original origin is in Greek mythology from what I know.
  5. that's a start. i'm more interested in the theory, but i'll start there.
  6. Some believe that the earth has her own spirt (yup yup i do). We call her Gaia.. I cant say much about it, because I honestly don't have much knowledge on a "religion" about it..

    However I can say that I believe that all life has a connection with Gaia..
  7. hearing about it makes me think of star wars, where yoda tells luke that everything is connected, that everything affects eveything.

    my instructor for my societies and nature class tried to tell us how Gaia is this self-regulating spirit of the earth that is conscious of what it needs to make all life hospitable here, and that it controls every part of the spirit...which would include us as well. it's pretty trippy, but if you can get past the strangeness of it, it kind of makes sense.
  8. Be careful with this thinking though...because thinking of Earth as a thinking being might mean we don't have to take care of the environment...you know, if she can take care of herself.
  9. good point, i can see that. what i'm getting to is that, even in the face of such crap as human pollution, the earth has still remained relatively the same.
  10. In addition to Captain Planet and the Planeteers, she also featured heavily in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. What a sellout.
  11. where u gonna draw the lines on your definition of life? need any lines at all?

    we are one. part and whole.

    too far gone to effectively comunicate, but too far to even imagine or comprehend? ... eye of the beholder.

  12. Do we lose the point with the profanity. We are all part of this world, if we completely destroy it, who surmises, no one. We must take care of what we have been given lest we lose it all. This rock may be only a small part of many but we only know of one, this one which we live on. If you know of any other planet which we can transport to, let us know and we will meet you there.
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    Every part of nature is connected forming Gaia (The Earth and its "spirit"), Gaia is a being just as alive as any other.

    Gaia has the amazing ability to sustain complex systems that support life just as the systems of the human body do but on a much larger scale. This is evidence of a complex living organism.

    Many Gaian theorists believe the Earth to have a consciousness. This is supported by the fact that all living things have a certain level of consciousness. Meditation is the way to achive lasting spiritual growth but any psychedelic could give a glimpse even good weed which is my choice:smoking:
    I really reccomend you check out the wiki on this theres some good nuggets of wisdom and everything I left out:

    Gaia hypothesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'm interested in hearing what you blades think about this hypothesis. I find it a very enlightening
  15. I cannot speak for whether spirituality is involved, because I do not know if it was planned that way.

    But we are all connected by this planet, to this planet. We are all part of the cycle. Life feeds on life... feeds on life. This is necessary.
  16. could Gaia be a he
  17. Gaia is generally considered She probably because of the Greek goddess Gaia but if you look at Native American traditions Mother Earth is female as well.

    But then again there was Father Sky. I think the idea is that the Earth nurtures us like a mother and feeds us and takes care of our needs and the sky is considured masculine (not sure why)

    For me Gaia has a female or neutral connotation but it could be different for anyone. What matters is the lessons it teaches about respect and being connected.
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    I couldn't have worded it better myself. Thats what the hypothesis boils down to but many take it a step further and look at consciousness and the spiritual realm.

    No one can say whether there was a plan or not but all the matter that extends on into eternity had to originate from somewhere.

    That is the mystery Einstein talks about. I'll try to get some quotes up soon. There is some mysterious force and I believe that this ultimate source is an endless supply of white light, pure consciousness, nirvana.

    Through meditation people can gain spiritual insights into the nature of God (as I like to call Him/Her). Psychedelics might temporarily do this.

    We are all connected to God but we're also connected to Gaia, who is connected to God. By connected I mean physically but also spiritually in that group consciousness exists and God is the sum of it all.
  19. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkEu3an11Pc&feature=related]YouTube - Joe Rogan Talks about humanity after a DMT experience[/ame]

    Not I believe we have a different purpose... but he speaks some wisdom indeed.

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