GHS White Rhino feeding?

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  1. Any ideas on what this strain likes and when. I'm hoping a few blades have grown this specimen out before. Much thanks.:smoke:
  2. I just ordered some of these.. I'm interested as well.
  3. yes ive heard its great for muscle ache and insomnia so i want to really achieve an optimal crop
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    I've used Fox Farm's before -- it works great with the grow big, tiger bloom, big bloom, the only other nute I needed throughout the entire grow in FF ocean forest soil was CalMag

    I'm sure the same would work with GHS WR. Let's hope.
  5. awesome im already using ffof and growbig lets hope fer the best
  6. I'm planning on LST for sure, but since their fem I'm hoping they dont hermi.. Lemme know if ya break out any techniques ya find here and how it works out for ya. One thing I noticed about the the ffof is that the plants get used to the good nutes so if you dont have any for em later on in veg they stunt their growth.
  7. weell i was suprised at my last harvest (ghs whieshark and trainwreck both femmed) there was not a single stamen on either plant! the trainwreck is potent but will make you crash hard after about 1-2 hours the gws is much more of a mellowing happy smoke. Regardless of all the words a lot of blades/growers have for ghs all results ive had with their genetics have been satisfactory to say the least :smoke:
  8. good to hear +rep

    I went with with GHS fems because I know they throw out the bad batches.
  9. Aloha!
    i bought wrhino seeds and am wondering the same thing...ive been hearing that House & Garden is the best...but some plants dont need much nutes and from what i understand, wrhino is one of them...and proper ph throughout the life cycles? i heard you start at 5.7/5.8 in veg and by the time youre done flowering you are at about 6.5/6.6
    if you find a link, please let me know!

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