GHS New Super Lemon Haze?

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  1. Awards:

    1st prize HTCC 2008


    Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze


    A very lemony haze, works fast and lasts long. It's a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side.

    Flowering indoor:

    9-10 weeks with a production up to 700 gr/sqm

    Flowering outdoor:

    finishes end October in northern hemisphere, production up to 1000 gr/plant.

    THC: 22.9%

    Does anyone think what they say about their yields and THC content and the awards it got look too good to be true?
  2. The Cannabis Cup didn't think so. It won for 2008.
  3. but like they say that they can grow a kilo from only 9 weeks of flowering? no way! idk does anyone else have any input on this?
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    I don't think that these claims are over-inflated at all. Green House Seeds is one of the most reputable seed companies anywhere around. They travel to different parts of the world to add genetics to their current stock. This strain actually did win the High Times Cannabis Cup 2008. I think it would be hard to find fault with a whole panel of judges.

    It would technically be possible to get this much off a single plant (though not likely) if you grew it directly in the ground (pots/containers = root-bound plants), the sunlight was always ideal, and nutrition perfect. Think about how much you could harvest off an 8 foot plant.

    The pedigree also shows that its genetics are very respectable to say the least. Anyone who has smoked "Super Silver Haze" would surely agree. If resin-production was taken from the this plant, then those THC numbers should be fairly accurate.

    That said, THC numbers aren't everything. Take GHS's "White Widow" for example. It is supposed to have 14% THC yet it makes for an incredible high. Although the processes behind are not entirely clear, the other chemicals in the plant also play a part in how you perceive the high.

    If you want to see some outrageous numbers check out
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    The one thing that you have to remember is that the plants that they used for the tests to verify the average amount each plant would produce is based on a whole assload of conditions and I wouldnt doubt that a reputable seed company has fists full of dollars to have there grow ops in PEAK performance conditions. That being bet that 95% of small time closet /room/Box ops, dont even come close to the perfection of grow conditions that Greenhouse does. I know Im leagues behind em, shit im leagues behind a whole crapload of GC citizens let alone some of the top notch seed producers in the world.

    I suppose this is a question , aswell as an assumption, but , on a lot of seed sites in the scipts of each strain, a lot of time there is a m2 on the yeild. I always assumed that meant 1 square meter per plant. I know I dont give my plants that, and according to a lot of photo's and write ups ive been reading, neither do a lot of others. Not outta not wanting to..more because I/they dont have that space.

    Also what do these abbreviations stand for and what effect to said chems have on marijuana

    CBD: 1.4%
    CBN: 0.8%
    NL haze Mist
    Those are my suspected reasons to answer your question, but TBH im not 100% , just a theory.
  6. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol which causes you the high.

    CBD is cannabidiol which is said to have a sedative effect and aids against paranoia caused by THC.

    CBN is cannabinol which is degraded and/or oxidized. This causes a stupefying effect (disorientation, sleepiness, grogginess). It is found in cured bud and hashish.

    Terpenoids (Terpens on GHS's website) are responsible for the smells a particular strain gives off. Some examples are lemon, citrus, or pine scent. Certain terpenoids are sedative while others supposedly prevent THC-induced memory loss.

    There are further cannabinoids such as CBC and THCV however these have not been extensively studied.

    This is basically why you can't always evaluate a strain based solely on THC. Different plants will have different concentrations of these chemicals giving you a different high.
  7. Thanks zooloo!!!!!!! LOL I knew what THC was.....didnt mean to leave it in there on the paste. I didnt know what effects each chem had!!!!!
  8. oh ight i feel that lol i mean i know their genetics are fantastic but i guess i underestimated.

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