GH's Maxi nutes in coco?

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  1. I just bought General Hydroponics MaxiGrow, MaxiBloom and I'll be buying KoolBloom in a few days. I was wondering if I could use these in a 75%coco and 25% perlite mix? Would that be alrite? and how often would I have to flush? thanks
  2. yes that would be fine.

    i would take the maxigrow back to the store and get your money back if you havent opened it already.

    all you need is the maxibloom. use the small end of the scooper that comes with it, 1 teaspoon i believe, and use that @ 1scoop/gallon and your golden.

    i use maxibloom, liquid koolbloom, floralicous + and dry koolbloom. i never flush until the very end or about 10 days before i start my flush.

    check out my thread "revolutionary blumats", the last few pages on that i have been using maxibloom with those additives if you wanna see my personal results.

    also, check out this web page, it has EVERYTHING you need to know about maxibloom, the K.I.S.S. method........

  3. hes right , I have read a bunch about it. I got this from (K.I.S.S. method is the one with maxibloom) What is Lucas Formula, and how do I use it? The Perlite and coco rock in my opinion! also , you may need to add CalMag and/or Epsom salt when using coco. I use 1tsp per gallon of CalMag in my Coco/Perlite mix during veg, and I have now stepped it down to a half a tsp of CalMag and half a tsp of Epsom salt in flower.

    they said
    "Lucas Formula using General Hydroponics Dry Nutrients (Maxibloom)

    MaxiBloom and MaxiGro are dry nutrient also from General Hydroponics. It turns out, Maxibloom, used in a ratio of 7 grams per gallon of water*, is very close to the original Lucas Formula (above.) You do not need MaxiGro, and so this is the cheapest and easiest recipe to use.

    Add 7 grams of Maxibloom into 1 gallon of water*, and then adjust the pH, and stir vigorously to dissolve the Maxibloom in the water. I advise putting the 7g of Maxibloom into a cup of warm water, dissolving it, and then adding it to the remaining gallon of water, before pH adjusting and mixing again."
  4. Should work good but, have heard stories of yellowing in some strains....
    I would hang on to the maxigro for awhile. If you need more N 1/2 tsp of each,gro/bloom may work better while vegging.
    Use liquid koolbloom during first stage of flowering and start the dry koolbloom a week before you flush...

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