GHS Jack Herer. 2nd indoor grow

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by FliBeatz, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. So ive got a HydroFarm Sunburst Convertible mh/hps 400w and 2 Green House Seeds Jack Herer plants in Fox Farm Ocean Forest and 5 gallon buckets. The lights about 20 inches away from plants with your standard Lasko adjustable oscilating fan about 1ft away from plants and light. It's just level with the light but facing down a little. My plants are about 1" tall and 5days into veg and the rounded leaves just fell off...this mg bulb is hotter than my hps was forsure just wondering if maybe its too hot and the leaves dried? The soil it plenty moist so they didn't dry out due to lack of water. And the small upcoming fan leaves are almost growing in a swirl pattern ... Any advice is appreciated, sorry about the book I just wrote ha buy everyone complains about not enough info.
  2. usually as far as radiant heat from the lights goes, stick you hand out with the back facing the light. If it feels warm to you, its too close.

    I let veg go a little long, so things have been getting too damn close to the vented hood I am running with 250w hps. Heat stress has shown to some degree pretty much any place where I put my hand, and feel a difference in warmth due to proximity to the bulb. Doesn't really take much more then being noticeable, not even hot. Not killing the plant, just stress/twisted leafs but if it was a seedling...

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