Ghost's Sublime Bubbler

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    If you haven't seen Trikkys slide made by Ghost then you need to right now. Because the same blower blew this master piece. Even though this isn't my piece I believe you guys should see it so you can enjoy this great piece of art.

    Photo Credit: Glassfanatic from TC.

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  2. Wonder how much that would run someone.:smoking:
  3. +rep
    Damn man that's a nice ass piece.
    Lovin the sublime.:hello:
  4. Damn thats a nice piece. :bongin: How much did that cost?:smoking:
  5. Dang dude that's got to be one of the nicest bubblers I've seen so far! :)
  6. Unfortunately it isn't mine.
  7. sick piece! i would imagine that it's not gonna be cheap. only if the bottle was a perc'd chamber...
  8. People need to read before posting.. seriously..anyways that is a bomb ass piece.. I'm going to have to check out his other work..
  9. i saw that on GA quite some time ago
  10. i'm not even sure i would smoke out of something that beautiful.
  11. dang thats killer. i want
  12. My bad, but +rep for getting such nice shots. Awesome bubbler
  13. absolute masterpiece
  14. haha. You know you would have to at least once.
  15. Wow man, that shit's sick.
  16. That it is.
  17. that is one nice ass bubbler +rep
  18. thats so sick it even says sublime and forty oz to freedom love that dude!!! toke on:smoking::smoking:
  20. Ya I saw this on Glass Aficionado too. Absolutely beautiful.

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