Ghosts real or not?

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  1. What is your opinion on this subject?

    For me I don't believe in a God. I believe that there are good and evil spirits out there.
    I believe if your always angry, sad, and mean. That you will attract those evil spirits, there will be a possibility of something bad happening to you.

    You might think I'm crazy, but I have a friend that was in love with this guy for about 2 years. They had a child together who is now about to turn 2 in a couple of months. Anyways they split up around January. After the break up my friend was so heartbroken, and angry at everything around her.

    She told me this story that happened to her, and I swear on James Cabell's grave, my bestfriend that died last year, everything in this story is 100% true. Anyways she was heartbroken and angry for period of time. She told me, her and her son were laying in bed at she woke up and looked at the edge of her bed and saw a shadow that looked like a real person.

    She tried moving to get a better look but she couldn't move at all. She closed her eyes and just thought of this big white light around her and her son and just thought of all the good in the world. Once she was done thinking she tried moving and looking toward the shadow and it was gone.

    This story my friend told me made me believe what I believe today 100%. When I was a kid I had a rough life, I was beaten by my step father and my mom left me. But when I was sad and alone I always felt watched and protected by a spirit. I guess it is a Guardian Angel of some sort.

    But anyways, you guys should post stories like these or your beliefs about this subject. I enjoy talking about it.
  2. lol your friend experienced sleep paralysis.
  3. My friend once told me he can fly

    This is the reason I believe in it 100%
  4. Could be, but if they want to draw something from that that will help them and give them strength then I think that's fine, of course that's within limits; it'd be wrong if the case was "I'm a religious zealot, I hurt people because of what I believe and that helps and gives me strength". It's likely that it was sleep paralysis, but people believe in communicating with spirits/angels etc. through dreams as well. As for my own beliefs... well, that's a whole other kettle of fish.
  5. I think they are real, maybe not your typical sheet with holes ghost you see on tv or none of that stupid ass ghost hunter shit but I think there are ghosts. I have had some things happen to myself and some of my family that I don't feel like sharing right now, but has lead me to feel yes there are ghosts.

    Oh and im not talking being attacked or chattin it up with a ghost or anything like that, just some strange paranormal activities.
  6. Well, her baby's great grandmother died, but before she did she told everyone that she will not leave the earth until she knows her family is taken care of. When my friend puts her kid to sleep sometimes he points to the ceiling and says NO very clearly.

    Also his cousin, when he was a baby, would sit up at night and do the same thing. One time he even said "Nana Jerry is here." Nana Jerry is the great grandmothers name.

    That really creeps me out. From what I heard this grandmother was very stubborn, so I do believe that spirits do walk the earth, You just have to open your eyes and ears. Babies do this very well, but as we get older we tend to block out these things.
  7. I think that it's all bullshit. I should explain and I might afterwards but I just smoked a fat bowl of exo and I don't really want to do anything.
  8. Cool story
  9. Sorry for the double post but I guess ill share some things.

    My younger brother passed away back in jan 09 and about a few days after my mother told me she woke up in the middle of the night because of music, went to check it out and it was coming from his room but ended by the time she got there, his lights were on and the switches were flipped up but they were turned off when she went to sleep.

    She said one day she also heard his voice say "Hello?" like hello is anyone there not a greeting type hello.

    I've had some things happen but I wont go into detail because its personal to me and out of respect of my brother.
  10. The epigram headlining the stoner's manifesto ;)
  11. i do not believe in an afterlife therefore i do not believe in ghosts.
  12. Ghosts are a level of existance, yes.
    They are as real as humans and animals.
  13. exactly, and that plays a huge role in the experience said to have produced by DMT, that it allows you to break free and explore the many planes of consciousness that exist
  14. The world is a crazy place. Everything is made of atoms, the atoms in my fingernails are just like the atoms that make up the Earth, the stars, etc.

    To think that we are the only living things in the Universe is just ignorant in my points of view. I believe that death is not the end, it is merely just a step in our lives. Just like growing from a baby to a teenager, a teenager to an adult.

    A passing of a friend, a family member is sad yes. To me it's sad because you do not see or get to be around the person. It also a very happy time for me, because I know that they are in a better place.

    We look at death in a wrong way. People are afraid of dieing, but I am sure that when we die it will be way better then it is when we were living. Just embrace it. It's just another step of growing up.
  15. The world is so exquisite, with so much love and moral depth, that there is no reason to deceive ourselves with pretty stories for which there's little good evidence. Far better, it seems to me, in our vulnerability, is to look Death in the eye and to be grateful every day for the brief but magnificent opportunity that life provides.

    -- Carl Sagan[SIZE=+1px]
  16. i like sam spade's quote from mr. sagan. everything in life has energy, i think when someone or something dies there's some sort of imprint of them once being here, and i think the human mind can pick up on the imprints and interprets the energy either as an image, a sense of touch, or audio.
  17. I think its all bullshit. Your mind can be REAL powerful.
  18. That is Sleep Paralysis, I had occur quite a bit in my mid teens.

    It a half-sleep half-awake state basically, and shadows usually get distorted in a dream-like fashion :)

    I assure you it wasn't real.
  19. i never really understood the "everything has energy" debate. obviously everything has energy, and obviously everything gives off radiation, does that mean that when we die we become ghosts? i just dont think so as everything gives off energy: trees, humans, rabbits, dinosaurs, saturn. i'd flip if i saw a ghost ripped sorry

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