Ghosts or Aliens

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    How many of you blades believe in Ghosts, Aliens?

    Just to be clear, I mean the existence of aliens. Not whether or not they they have visited earth.
  2. Seen a few ghosts in my life. I dunno that aliens have visited us but I think its highly improbable that we are the only planet with life.
  3. aliens only
  4. Aliens seem much more likely to actually exist imo
  5. I believe I have witnessed both.
  6. It was bigfoot!!!!!

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  8. Ghosts, I'm mainly skeptical just due to the whole fact the world wont be here one day. Whats gonna happen? They just float around in space after that? lol. The only "evidence" I've seen for ghosts are those shitty ass tv shows where they never really show anything. Aliens on the other hand, the chances of there NOT being other forms of life on other planets in the universe are literally 1 in who knows how many trillion. You best believe they out there!
  9. i thought this was a which is cooler thread
  10. ^ Haha hes my favorite cartoon character.

    I believe in aliens just because of the sheer numbers of planets. Thought it was funny that you excluded "If aliens have visited the earth." If someone thinks that aliens visited earth, yet does not believe they exist.... I would love to meet that person. Don't think the aliens care about us.

    Just as a side story one time me and my buddy were smoking in this abandonded factory area. I called another buddy who was supposed to meet us after we got back into town. I got interferance on the phone that sounded like the aliens from the movie Signs. You know garbeling, clicking, popping and squealing. It lasted long enough for me to pass the phone to my buddy who was hitting the bowl. His eyes got a scared look just from hearing it. We dipped out through a deer trail leading up a steep hill.

    Ghosts are a little harder. I don't believe in them. I've been out in the woods, graveyards, Ft. Necesscity, and the Gettysburg battlefield all at night. Have not seen anything. But a couple friends of mine swear on their life they have seen them. So I'm leaving that open for my own discovery.
  11. Aliens. Ghosts just don't seem possible. I would only believe in them if I saw them. I pray to god I don't see a ghost now that I have said that.

    [ame=]Can't sleep, clown'll eat me - YouTube[/ame]
  12. i believe in the possible existence of both. i see no evidence to disprove either. we dont know shit about the after life and it more than likely there is civilization somewhere in the vastness of our universe or possible other ones.
  13. With a vast, never-ending universe with infinite parallels, it would be foolish to believe other life doesnt exist outside of our own world. Even if someone was religious, perhaps the same God could have created other worlds. So I truly do believe in aliens. I also believe that if they had the technology to visit our world there is little that they would want from us, and they would most likely be peaceful. If they have the technology for space travel at light speed, what the hell would they want with our stuff? We would be like cavemen lol.

    Ghosts on the otherhand, freak me the hell out. I can barely even watch those shit ghost hunter shows because for some reason ghosts just terrify me to the core. I believe to have seen one in my life. Plus Im guessing I saw one as a kid that scarred me so bad I am terrified of them now. lol
  14. [quote name='"Metridixal"']Aliens. Ghosts just don't seem possible. I would only believe in them if I saw them. I pray to god I don't see a ghost now that I have said that.

    Video Link:[/quote]

    It's not as bad as you think. TV and movies make it seen terrifying but it's more 0.0 da fuck?
  15. it's statistically likely that there is life on at least one other planet.

    there's a few reasons not to believe in ghosts, and no supporting evidence, soo...

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