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Ghosts in Smoke clouds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dhxc3, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Damn! Who knows maybe it is a ghost
  2. thats crazy man......
  3. holy fuck man that is fucking fucked up

    excuse my language but WOAH!!
  4. ur bongs are haunted by bob marley and jimmy hendrix
  5. That is mad i think the first one looks like einstein haha
  6. That's fucking epic :smoke:
    Nice post.
  7. woooooooooooooah.
  8. No experience of seeing any, but last night i was home alone and smoking in my room and after I took a hit the smoke just lingered and I was blowing air at it and manipulating it. It looked pretty trippy and the smoke almost looked alive lol. I was waiting for a face to appear. Then I woke up and saw this thread, weird. I definitely see the face in ur pic. Looks like somebody in distress or maybe just taking a ghost crap
  9. Do you see the viking style face in the second picture? Along with some Horns? I honestly freaked out when i took these. One of my friend's mom told me that all pot smoke is evil spirits. So it's been tripping me out for quite a while. hah

  10. i c it!

    holy shit tho..

    this is freaky..

    makes me want to take pictures of my smoke..

    only if i had a better camera (stupid phone!)..

    nd if i wasnt on break.

    be careful bruh..

    they watchin you..
  11. the 1st one is trippy as fuck:eek:! the 2nd looks like Scream!!
  12. photoshopped..? lol
  13. Did u take the pics bc u saw a ghost or did u only realize after? If it was the first, damn man that must have been a trip w it just floating there
  14. Dude...what the fuck!!!
  15. I cant see shit.
  16. Your lungs are haunted man...
  17. thats trippy but ghosts dont look like that. i mean the faces. its too cliche.

    i think if ghosts exist, then REAL ghosts should look like normal people. because ghosts usually dont know that theyre ghosts, they think everything is normal and THEY CANT SEE YOU.
  18. Honestly i wish i was good enough at photoshop to recreate this.
    I didn't see the first one until i looked at my view finder right after i took the sequence. But when i saw it i nearly shit myself.
    The second one i didn't until two days ago. Nucking futs. haha

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