Ghosts + Cemetaries

Discussion in 'General' started by regret, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. call me crazy but i have a small cemetary in my yard, it is like 150 feet from my house. i kinda wanna do some research about what it is all about an shit because it is kinda creepy.

    any suggestions of some gnarly shit i can do so i can see a ghost or something?
  2. Go and take some pictures, get real high, and hang out all night until dawn.
  3. nah, ghosts are fictional
  4. bring beef jerky and they will come
  5. throw a party in the graveyard, get drunk, dig up all the bodies, piss on them, rebury them upside down, then open a pet store on top of the cemetary
  6. I love that scared adrenaline rush you get doing things like that. I don't really believe in ghosts per-say but I have enough "belief" in my mind to let myself get caught up in the fantasy of it all. Speaking of such things I can't wait for Halloween, haunted houses while baked = good times for all.

  7. lol.. yea dude that is kinda creepy do some research, find the identity of the dead decaying bodies in your yard :hello:
  8. Yeah, but people's self-deception still gets the better of them.
  9. Bullshit, explain this.

    My Grandfather, gramma, my aunt, my mother, my father and my two sisters and myself were helping clean out and sell everything in a house for a man that my grandfather was his lawyer. (Real estate, wills and stuff)

    So after a few months of cleaning this hell hole, I mean literally two pack rats lived here all their lives and never threw ANYTHING away, they had a life size replica of their fav horse in the living room, with a saddle on lol

    Anyway, so they were out cleaning the barn out one day, and I was down at the pond feeding some geese that later attacked me and I ran up the hill, and to my surprise I saw my whole family staring up back at the house, to the attic. In the attic there was a person standing with the light on. I of course was like, what are you guys looking at?

    They had thought it was ME up in that attic, since everyone else was looking at the light, we all went running into the house, the light went off in the attic, when we got to the attic the door was nailed shut with boards and shit, it wasn't even POSSIBLE to get in there, and no one had tried yet.

    I've got some other ghost stories, but this one, there's no way to explain it, and EVERYONE saw it, it wasn't just me.
  10. Hallucinate on an 1/8th of Psilocybe Mushrooms. You'll see some ghosts.
  11. i can't explain it, but just like the god subject, prove to me they exist, then you have an argument.

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