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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Seargent Shrubs, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. So I've only smoked six or seven times and I've realized that I tend to ghost the smoke a lot, my friend brought it up to me when we were doing a session together and said it wasn't cool, now I'm sure he doesn't really care about the techniques I use when I smoke because I can only smoke with him, but my question to you guys is this. Does Ghosting have any real point besides being a "trick"? If it's completely useless, how should I smoke then? All we smoke out of is a bong. Thanks ahead of time.
  2. i like to think that you get alot of fresh air with it when you breathe it all in, and it makes the hit easier to take in. and i'm not sure if this makes any sense at all, but i feel like it's gets "deeper" into you.

    i'm probably completely just imagining that, but it makes me feel better :)
  3. What kind of ghosting are you talking about?
  4. bro Hit...1...2...3 Exhale, i just solved you're problems for life you can thank me now.
    Ghosting doesnt do much sept keep shit smellin cool imo, causes bad lung damage too.
  5. It could very well be the power of suggestion, I'm not sure, but is there anything necessarily WRONG with doing it? Is blowing out smoke polite? I would blow the smoke out during hotbox sessions, but tonight we're smoking in a park, so I don't see the point in blowing out smoke.

    Oh, I see. I'll probably stop ghosting then, I don't want to risk any serious lung damage from just doing a trick.

    When I say ghosting, I mean that after I take the hit, I hold the smoke in long enough that when I blow out, no smoke came out.
  6. #6 ilovegoogle34, Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 10, 2010
    i always forget this. ghosting, where i'm from, is this: [ame=]YouTube - Kill Hit[/ame]

    always a confusion for me. disregard my first post!

    but yeah, the ghosting you're talking about, which is probably the real ghosting, is bad for your lungs i believe. but you're getting the most out of it, i suppose!

    who cares if you never blow out smoke though! if you can sit there and still stay in conversation and you're not holding your breath, looking like a fool, then i say, whatever!
  7. Thanks for all the answers, guys.
  8. i count to 9 cause it's my numerology number lol. but really it all depends cause if it's hurting my lungs i count to 9 faster haha.

    and google that's what ghosting is here too i'm so nice at that haha
  9. You really only need to hold it in for 5-7 seconds or so. After that you're not really getting much thc and you're absorbing a lot of the shit you don't want to. If you don't care about your health then ghosting is whatev
  10. Ummmmm doing ghosts does not cause more lung damage... Its just a trick that looks epic if you get good at them. But I wouldnt do ghosts out of a bong. One because it can be difficult to fill your mouth, not your lungs, with smoke when smoking a bong, and two, its a bong man, milk it and take mega rips, dont do tricks mannnnnn. Ghosts come best from blunts or joints
  11. REAL TALk ghosting is 90% for SHOW. the other 10% cools down the smoke before it enters your lungs
  12. He's not talking about a kill shot (where you let the smoke come out of your mouth then suck it all back in) hes talking about holding the hit in so long that no visible smoke comes out when you exhale, like they said a few posts up.

    The ghosts he's referring to DO cause lung damage and are really not that much more efficient, from what I understand after 4-5 seconds the majority of the THC has already been absorbed by your lungs. Do them a solid and stop ghosting every time lol.
  13. Alright this is how it is man u hold ur hit from 3-5 sec that plenty long for the thc to be absorbed any longer than that is just allowing the smoke to settle in your lungs wich is really bad for u. And that trick up here is called ghosties or dragons breath and that's just for show.

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