Ghostface Killa's Top 10 Softest Rappers in the Game

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  1. I agree 100% also lol at Drake getting into the hall of fame
  2. ha! that was hilarious...the whole time i could see ghot in my head

    namsayin son
  3. Lmao his first name is Aubrey

  4. the dude played a handicapped kid on a Canadian nickelodeon show...he has no street cred
  5. I like this one...
  6. ahaha this guys lookin at these guys from a gangsta rap point of view, not everyone is trying to make the same kind of music he makes, especially with kid cudi, most of those rappers are definetly soft, but some i disagree with
  7. yep, that's why it's hilarity. i love some of these soft rappers music

  8. Fucking Degrassi ahaha. Drake is a bitch. I hate how he tries to lump himself into my city.
  9. lol you are aware this is a complete joke right?

    old but still so funny, whoever made these is a fucking genius

  10. Ghostface Killah made em bro
  11. 7. B.o.B.
    "I think that he be wantin to prove that he aint actually that tender tho namsayin. So he tried to get some beef to pop off wit that Tyler the Creator *****. Thats like bein at a new school n wantin to show the other kids that you aint no bitch ***** so you go stomp some kid from the special ed class."

    3. Tyga
    "Son looks like Wiz Khalifa n Dennis Rodman’s love child or some shit son. But that aint even the problem wit this ***** g. This *****s music sounds like shit you hear when you see a geisha twirlin ribbons in the air n shit namsayin. To top it all off the ***** be lookin more suspect than two *****s sharin a hot dog from opposite sides n meetin in the middle nahmean."

  12. Laughin so fucking hard right now.....
  13. meh.. you can call lupe soft but ghost you aint half the rapper ;)
  14. no he didnt, big ghost did.

    the real ghostface killah came out and said that its not him.

    still pretty funny tho

  15. Oh forreals? Darn

    But yea, still hilarious.

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