Ghost Bong

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SmoothCriminal, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. So I've had this bong for a while, Its just a cheap old clear glass piece. but from time to time.. i've noticed that it "generates" (for lack of a better word) smoke. like.. after I take the hit and its been passed around, it just fills up with smoke, not like completely. but a large amount of smoke comes from nowhere. is this... normal? or do I have a possessed bong?
  2. possessed bong... dont go there man, it reminds me of that shitty Evil Bong movie
  3. there is an Evil Bong movie?
  4. unfortunately
  5. I just watched the preview on youtube
    that actually looks like garbage
  6. Probably smoke leaking out of the bowl into the bong.
  7. thats what I thought, but it was a LOT of smoke. and it was already booty.
  8. hahaha that movie was hilariously bad, nearly as bad as the anti drug campagne move "Reefer Madness" in the 50s it makes weed out as though its herion crack and meth mixed. XD
  9. evil bong movie lol 1 is good the the 2nd was was dumb well the first one was dumb to but ima dumb good way
  10. The bowl is still cherried, meaning the weed is lit. The smoke flows into the chamber.
  11. It's really hard to explain. so we're sittin there watchin tv. its not cherried. its totally booty. but we were just too lazy to ash it. so like 20 minutes later we ash it, and its dead out, but there was a ton of smoke that wasn't in there before
  12. meybe one of your friends didnt clear the hit all the way and some smoke got left in the bong. lol.

    you stole my avatar u fahkah!
  13. Its just one of the standard avatars
  14. Pics? like maybe (but i doubt it) the way its shaped lets air flow through it well, so any amount of force can cause a flow and making the cherry to burn a little? possible i suppose
  15. maybe it's not a ghost bong but just a ghost hitting your bong. you should hit it next time it fills up, probably is some ectoplasmic shit
  16. It's me taking hits from your bong when you're not looking.
  17. It's the cambochum mushroom people
  18. Is your bong ressed up? Could be ressin burning.
  19. maybe u have a ghost that smokes bud, sounds crazy but u never kno.
  20. i noticed this with my bong and ashcatcher, after i would hit it smoke would "fall" down the downstem very slowly. It kinda looked like the bong was being charged for its next hit lol :) maybe thats what's happening to your bong.

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