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  1. What do you guys think of this show? Some of the evidence they catch is pretty wild but other shit is well...shit I think. Some of their EVP's sound like nothing or just scratchy ass noises but others are very clear. Never seen any great video evidence come out of that show though. Started watching last Halloween and got into it so now I record the new ones on fridays and watch em whenever. Zach can be a real good actor at times and says some dumb shit when he is taunting the spirits. "Use my energy and push this axe onto my face!" is one of my favorites. Overall the show is good to watch(thanks to their editors) but the evidence is not overwhelming.Opinions?
  2. i watch it when i'm super stoned cause i love to get scared haha. but "my ghost story" on bio. is much better, gives me goosebumps sometimes.
  3. Hahaha yeah I definitely watch this shit when stoned. Never seen "my ghost story". Is it taped like G.A. or is it some dude just telling a story and recreations are shown?
  4. it's basically people being interviewed and telling a story where they experienced something, they try to recreate it some what but they all have footage and the craziest part is they are all normal people haha. they have full episodes on their website.
  5. I'll check it out mang
  6. i personally like this show. They actually have a lot of good video for it. They had this episode with all their best evidence and they have caught some pretty wild things on camera.
  7. yea they do but the guy with the black hair, not sure of his name, reallllllly tries to piss things off lol
  8. I'll check it out. I have seen a lot of the episodes though in marathons and what not. Dont get me wrong, I have seen some good shit on their show for sure.
    Zach? Yeah he really does piss spirits off lol. Sometimes what he says is funny as hell. Me and my brother always joke about him. I can picture him saying shit like "Use my energy and bite off my dick!!"
  9. yes he makes it very entertaining to watch haha.
  10. I'm a fan of it. I just watched it last night while the Superbowl was on. The episode with Bobby Mackey is a good one, actually kind of creepy.
  11. check this shit out!

    [ame=]YouTube - GA Highlight: 1.7 - "Edinburgh Vaults" - Moving Teddy Bear[/ame]
  12. ghost adventures was way more entertaining to watch than the super bowl
  13. i second that.
    and i love your sig of Frank R. too funny.
  14. thanks yeah i was looking all over the internet for this.
  15. Recorded this last night and watched it today. Very good episode youre right. It was probably one of the best.

    I remember this episode. Crazy how that bear moves, what the fuck right? Unexplainable. They heard some serious moaning or yelling in the vaults too, right?

    In the Villisca Axe Murder house episode they show one of the upstairs doors closing by itself. Couldnt find a youtube video though:confused:. Is my text italic? wtf:smoke:

  16. yeah i think i know what your talking about with that yelling, that axe murder house episode was pretty crazy with those girls that lived there breaking down and shit. Some crazy stuff.
  17. Dude I was actually disappointed in that episode! I was expecting some more evidence but I thought it lacked. Anyone remember the episode where they were in a basement room or something and they were seeing a "blob" thing on their special camera that would enter and leave the room? I believe it also sat on a couch next to Aaron for a minute or two. I think the "blob" was purple on their camera-some sort of new special camera. Anyone remember this episode??

    My favorite tool of theirs is that voice box thing they carry around and it shows words on the screen. That thing always shows some relevant shit. Super intense.

  18. dude yeah ive seen that episode i know exactly what your talking about...fucking ridiculous. that voice box thing is definitely my favorite too, absolutely insane the voices they catch in that thing.
  19. I want one. That's probably not a good idea though. I'm sure I'd scare myself out of a room and never use it again.
  20. If you ever find out which episode that is let me know. I 'll do the same.
    For real right? I bet that shit is expensive. Just set my DVR to record Friday's episode.

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