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Ghettos vs. Pipes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DrGiggles, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone. My first visit to the site. I consider myself a seasoned toker.

    I recently got into an argument with a friend of mine, who is also a seasoned smoker, but he can be very stupid and stubborn about things. We use to smoke alot out of his bubbler, but then he stopped liking it, saying he didnt get as high, so we just used his piece. Later he admitted he was wrong. Recently, we smoked with a new group of kids using a ghetto bong made from a water bottle with a tin foil screen. The thing ripped well, and now my friend is obcessed with using ghetto bongs. He says they're way better than using a piece. He has a nice medium sized glass piece and i love smoking from it. The ghettos he always uses now are simply empty water bottles with two holes burned (one for inhaling, one's a rush) and then a tin foil bowl on the top where u would normally drink from.

    Can any other experienced smokers offer me any advice? I prefer the piece, but might my friend have a good argument? Are ghetto bongs better? My debate is in your hands.

    Dr. Giggles, SmD (Doctor of Smoking)
  2. Anyone who thinks using a plastic water bottle is better than using a glass piece is no friend of mine!
  3. Glass>Plastic
  4. i second that
  5. Those makeshift bongs are what you use in a pinch. Glass will always be better.
  6. not to mention how bad tinfoil is for ur lungs dude
  7. Sounds like he's just excited about the discovery of "ghetto bongs". I'm sure he'll realize glass pipes are better eventually.

    Oh, don't buy into that bullshit. It's not that bad for you.

  8. Yeah i figured it was probably that. Thanks for the words of wisdom guys.
  9. i just find ghetto things to be more personal

    it's like having a son who sucks at everything...yea maybe your roor cost you 300 bucks and is made from glass shit out by god...but god damn it this empty jug has personality

  10. ^This.
  11. melted plastic toxic fumes bad for you...yea right!
  12. On a health standpoint tin foil is NEVER good 2 use as a slide, just stick with the glass, thats where its at.
  13. I once made a "ghetto bong" but it wasn't like how you described it. Well, I'm from the suburbs, so I guess that makes a difference. Anyway, I took an old ceramic toothbrush holder and wrapped it over and over and over and over ..... in alumininum foil. then I wrapped like 5 tight rubber bands around the base. I left the bottom part still open so that I could add the water to the hole in the bottom and it already had a stopper so that worked well. Then I made two holes, one larger than the other. Then I took one of those large plastic ribbed straws you find in those water bottles and cut it to size and fit it into the larger hole. The other hole would hold the roach or if I made a little funnel-like bowl and put some weed in, it would be pulled through as well. I got blasted many of days with my homemade bong until the pigs confiscated it. They were actually saying that it was a good looking home made bong. I was proud. Was handed probation for having drug paraphenelia in my car (illegal search and seizure). Case was later mysteriously lost. Thanks Green Lady for that one ;)
  14. I think my homemade bong was a little different in terms of using foil because the container was actually made of ceramic and I covered it in foil. This was also when I was 19 or 20 so I was ignorant of the danger of aluminum. I think the ceramic tooth brush holder is a nice place to begin making a homemade bong however. What do you think? What would you use to make a homemade bong?
  15. Unless you're not gonna be heating the foil up to it's vaporization point (like 4 times hotter than a bic lighter gets) you won't be inhaling aluminum.

    Even if you were to get it up to it's vaporization point and inhale it, the only disease associated with aluminum is Alzheimers and even to get that you'd have to smoke a pretty big chunk of the aluminum lol

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