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Ghetto Vs. Pro bongs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by PuFFPuFFPaSS420, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Just say you get a Pro glass peice and put it in a gatorade bottle n you got a slide and eveerything and its air tight n shit ( like my ghetto ), what makes that worse than a small Pro glass or plastic bong?
  2. i hear that all the time when i go to smoke a homemade...just try and keep it filled with the dizzy and they cant say anything haha. smoke a blunt with me cuz.
  3. I have made many many many bongs out of gatorade bottles. It's the best thing you can use that's cheap. Use a minimag lite body with the very top hacked off(for the female piece). Then get a normal bowl with stem and put a rubber grip on it near the bowl. everything will work perfectly from there!
  4. I have sucessfully made some of the best bongs i have ever smoked out of with some gangster shyt. Once i made a bong ("Bongmarly") with a 5 gallon Zepherhills thing some tube a coke can and a vacum.


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