Ghetto small led+CFL grow.

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    Hey just "showing off" my grow box.i have one roleadro 125 actuall watt LED with two 26watt CFLs although I've only been running one because of a heat issue.Anyways the strain is maui.its a sativa dominant so I expect a long flower with lots of lsting.I'm gonna veg for one more week(give or take a few days depending on growth) then flip it into flower.its already shown sex and yep it's a female it's currently in a 1.5 gallon tub with ffof soil and I also have big bloom and plan on getting Tigger bloom soon.the grow box itself is an old Guinea pig cage flipped on its side with a car widow reflector and white reflective should also be noted that that's not powdery mildew ,the fan was clogging up and I fucked up and made the gunk blow everywhere but its cleaner now. IMG_20170701_225823.jpg

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