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  1. ok im making this thread for some things that people make like ghetto bongs bowls
    anything post your pics here of your homeade things
  2. i'm so broke i used notebook paper to roll a cigarette earlier today.

    about to do it again, too. whats a book of papers? $3?
  3. yea lol buy a bible nd use bible papers lol
  4. stop making post about the same thing. plus if you use the search feature you will find all sorts of homemade stuff.

  5. ^^^this
  6. Well normally I would say FUCK NO to tinfoil, but if you're a PRO at cornering hits, and I mean pro as in the foil wont even get NEAR the flame, make a chillum made of foil. Good luck, dont be dumb and try this unless you're good at cornering

    edit : even if you are VERY good at cornering you're going to inhale foil fumes, however it's a LOT less than normal if you corner like its for your life
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    Vitamin Bottle and Bic Pen Bong
    I took a Bic pen, tore off the back and tip/ink.

    I took a vitamin bottle, and put a hole above the label with a knife (put the tip to the bottle and spin the knife shaving the plastic as apposed to cutting it).

    Push the emptied pen into the plastic bottle. If your seal isn't great put some gum around to seal it.

    Put in a bit of ice and water.

    Put your pipes mouthpiece to the Bic "Stem" and toke up.

    Not the best bong ever, but it works when you need something reasonably disposable.

    Gravity Bongs are the shit!

    Take a 3 liter bottle and drill a hole in the cap big enough for the steam of your bongs bowl.
    Cut the bottom off of the 3 liter bottle.
    Use a 5 gallon bucket (great for camping) or a sink in a friendly place. Fill either with water so the neck of the 3ltr bottle is not submerged.
    screw the lid onto the bottle with the bowl and fill the bottles "Chamber" with smoke (by dragging it up using the suction of the water to "Smoke" the bowl).
    Quickly unscrew the cap when the bowl is gone or the chamber is full (bottom of the bottle should still be submerged), put your mouth over the bottle and inhale shoving your head downward pushing nearly all the smoke into your lungs. Couple of these will fuck you up. Awesome High.

    I saw a buddy use a 1 liter bottle to do the same thing using similar concepts. he put a hole in the bottom of the bottle, plugged the hole with his finger and filled it with water, then sucked smoke into the chamber by letting the water out of the hole, then "drank" the smoke out of the bottle from the mouth piece. Kinda seemed more like a crappy steamroller to me.
  8. an apple, watermelon, regular aluminum can, a pen cap covered in foil, a steamroller with a toilet paper roll...Now im a medicinal smoker so i have no more hard times and always carry a bong and prerolled joints
  9. All of the post you have made are about "ghetto shit", and it's in 3 or 4 different threads.

    Keep it to one brah!!! :D

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