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Ghetto Science, Tar in Marijuana smoke

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by burnttwaffle, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. i was just roming around youtube the other day and came upon this video, it shows the amount of tar in ciggartes as compared to marijuana, i plan on re-testing tis information for myself but watch the video

    any comments, observations or anything would be a appriceited, if you think this is true or just an anti weed smoker or any controls he missed


    i was pretty shocked

    P.S. its good to be back i took a while off my comp was down i was recording a new album and wasnt smoking, its good to be back home :wave:
  2. I heard when they do the "tar" studies they use the leaves.


  3. i think that is true but in the video he doesnt just pure joint and pure ciggarette, the offical studies tho r bullshit
  4. We all know there are carcinogens and tar-like substances in marijuana, but ultimately, it does not matter. People who smoke marijuana long-term are not affected much because marijuana smoke only irritates the large part of lungs, unlike tobacco smoke, which severely damages the bronchioli. Also, THC and the 60 other therapeutic compounds seem to negate the negative effects from the tar. The bottom line is, the damage is very minimal, and you only live once and you might as well enjoy life as much as possible. Oh, and people who smoke weed statistically live longer than those who don't, so sure, there's some tar in there, but you're living longer, so that's what matters.
  5. The tar in weed is 1/3 the amount of the tar in a cigarette. Of course it has tar, its a substance that is being smoked...... Even if weed was bad for you, I would still smoke it!
  6. Compare the death tolls between cigarettes and weed then decide what one is more dangerous.
  7. im not saying its bad just wondering what you think of this guys video and what it shows
  8. There are so many studies, "Weed has 4x as much tar as cigarettes", "1 joint equivalent to 8 cigarettes", blah blah blah. I don't care if one joint was equivalent to 50 cigarettes, the bottom line is, there are no health repercussions from smoking weed. It's been proven by the tests done on Irvin Rosenfeld and other members of the Federal IND Program. That's the simple facts...

  9. I wouldn't go so far as to say no health repercussions at all. It can give you chronic cough and other minor lung issues. I have seen these in some heavy users that smoke nothing other than marijuana. Of course, these are like 5-6 times a day smokers too.

  10. 5-6 times a day smokers? Dude I smoke an eighth for breakfast and don't have any chronic cough. haha
  11. Hi, new her, I have looked for info about this. I wonder if they are calling the resin that you smoke as the Tar? If I understand correctly that its the Hot Air over a long time that causes the cough and not the smoke itself. That if you do have a cough that if you do not smoke for awhile that the cough will go away. If I can come up with the money I'd get a volcano to Vap that would be better then smoking.

    Did anyone see Drugged: High on Marijuana? I thought is was a propaganda film with only tid-bits of truth.
  12. Even the guys how call it "dope" have to admit that it does not cause lung cancer...:)

    Smoking marijuana won't give you lung cancer - The Globe and Mail

    Still, vaping is your most healthy option.
  13. this Dr is still stretching to find anything to scare the ignorant...

    "Dr. Tashkin speculates that THC, a chemical in marijuana smoke, "may encourage aging cells to die earlier and therefore be less likely to undergo cancerous transformation.""

    not one thing suggest it kills anything, yet he has to say that crap, which ignorant people would take as meaning that pot kills cells...

    by his logic, oxygen may encourage cancers to grow...:rolleyes:

  14. no problems here and I smoke everyday
  15. fixed :smoke:
  16. If any one is worried about the Hot Air causing chronic cough then Vape. No hot air no cough no problems.Its not the smoke that causes cough anyway.
  17. The amount of plant material in one cigarette is quite a bit really. I would not even be able to smoke an entire joint. The same amount of pot would have me comatose.
    Why not take a more realistic "per sitting" amount to compare? Three bowls to one cigarette? Plus, can we remove the PAPER of the joint/cigarettes? Who knows? That bleached white paper might be the cause of many of the unwanted chemicals... :confused:
  18. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
  19. Bro, saying that it causes old cells to die is a GOOD thing. All cells should die at some point, when they DON'T die, that's when cancer grows. What happens is the gene that codes for cell death (apoptosis) is mutated and does not work, that way the cell keeps growing and multiplying (dividing), until all these cells form a cancerous tumour. Saying that weed kills old cells is a point FOR weed. I'll be a doctor when I finish my internship in November and I love a good session, I still go for the vapours though because just the dry heat of any smoke, weed or not can cause mouth and tongue damage. Moist heated vapes are the way of the future!!!!
  20. I think we are on the same page...really I do. Damaged dna in the cells, old or new is the cause of the cancers..not just old cells not dieing off.;)

    Oh well, at least you'll be a Dr in favor of MJ and it's medical properties, not brainwashed by BB and it's propaganda machine...good luck, now get out there and cure some cancer!!!:wave:

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