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Ghetto Marijuana brownies! Is it possible?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoner808, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hey GC! Sorry if i sound like a retard but when it comes to edibles, lol, i dont know sh**! Well the real deal bud brownies look to hard to make (X so I was thinking of this alternative brownie the past week.
    Of getting those instant brownie mixs (microwavable) you can get them at a walmart or any grocery store, its usually a little smaller than a paper plate
    Then adding a "dime" or $10 worth of bud, grind it up, stir it in the mix super good and throw it in the microwave!
    So may u guys please answer my following questions:
    Is this "possible" to get stoned from?
    Is a dime too little bud?
    And make any additional coments ;)

    Thanks GC!
  2. The cannabinoids need to be infused into the butter so that they can be more effieciently absorbed by your body after you eat it. Normally when people make brownies the proper way they dont actually toss the material in with the mix. They put the material in a pot with sticks of melted butter and heat it so the thc infuses into the butter. then they put the amount of their now 'green butter' into the brownie mix depending on how much the recipe calles for......So i dont think this will be anywhere near as effective it may work though i wouldnt want to do it because of the reduced effieciency which means wasting some of the special green material
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    Dude you do sound like a retard. Its no harder then cooking anything else, and cooking ANYTHING with a recipe is probably the easiest thing you'll ever do. Follow the instructions thats it. If you can't follow a recipe, you don't deserve to eat, thats how easy it is.

    no idea if your idea will work, I can guarentee that it will not work as well as doing it properly though.

    Pot Brownies <--- is the instructions that I looked at when i first started making brownies, and I keep it onhand whenever I'm making some for when I forget what I'm supposed to do. Brownies following this have always been superb.
  4. Topic of the evening... must be because it's harvest season I suppose =-P

    "I feel a little redundant sharing this, where I only just posted it about a half hour or so ago, but, here you go:

    ... I have a high edible tolerance, I don't feel much if any effect from a normal dose and usually make 4 X
    strength tinctures, but I also suffer from severe digestive issues that negatively effect my ability to absorb nutrition,
    in effect I consistently get less out of everything I consume, whether it's food or medication.

    Here is a link to my personal recipe for canna oil/butter:

    It is a full photo tutorial detailing the process step by step, to ensure you don't ruin or waste any of your
    product from start to finish, and they are of a strength that will help someone with a higher tolerance to
    edibles. For instance, this recipe calls for 3 - 6 oz's of anything from good frosty trim to buds, per single pan
    of brownies (makes about 25). Here are a few photos from the tutorial":









    And in response to a microwavable edible -failure-, from earlier just this evening:

    "He could have over boiled and destroyed it. It's very easy to do, the microwave doesn't heat evenly and
    it tends to superheat oil.

    People turn their backs for just a second, and their edible goes from under-processed, to completely ruined...
    there is no happy medium with the microwave. In other words, it would take just as long as it does on the stove
    top to extract all the herbs potential, and it would be far more tedious a process because you'd need to heat
    momentarily, then stop, allow to cool, and repeat this process for up to several hours.

    When using the microwave to create a fast edible from scratch, you need to accept that you are sacrificing the
    efficiency of the herb, because the heat needs to be quickly -stopped- prior to becoming too intense, which would
    cause your cannabinoids to burn and vaporize. You need to be very, very careful when using the microwave to
    either process, or reheat edibles.

    That's one of the main reasons the microwave is, when possible, generally to be avoided when processing edibles.
    I specifically remind friends and family not to re-heat their edibles in the microwave when I give them out. If they
    feel they must be warm when consumed, I make certain they are aware that they are far better off using a longer,
    lower heat in the oven
    , than a short hot burst in the microwave."

    Sorry for the long post, hope this helps you out though [​IMG] Good luck!

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